As the festive season comes to an end and we enter the first days of the new year, it’s time for resolutions, future plans and organisation. Chances are there are empty gift boxes around the house, plenty of recycling to be done, new presents and clothes without a space yet, and Christmas decorations to be put away. The question is, where to start?

If you’re ready to embrace 2022 and prepare for a new year, take a look at our SureStore self-storage clutter-free challenge.

Observe Oosouji (The Japanese Art of Cleaning)

In Japan, cleaning and de-cluttering from the old year is a New Year tradition. To observe Oosouji is to remove the dirt from the old year and welcome the New Year as a fresh start with a clean and organised space to welcome prosperity.

Take a look at how you can prepare for a clutter-free new year in your home.

Organise Your Christmas Decorations

Prevent your Christmas decorations from becoming muddled together when putting them away this new year. As part of your declutter, organising your Christmas and winter decorations will also make it easier to find and arrange your fairy lights, tinsel and baubles next year. Using labelled storage boxes will keep your different Christmas decorations neat, separate and easy-to-find.

If you’re struggling to find space in your home for your boxes of decorations, why not use a secure and affordable self-storage unit at SureStore? Our storage units range in size from 10sqft to 250sqft and will keep your decorations clean, dry and protected from the elements. Discover your nearest SureStore self-storage and book a seasonal storage unit today!

January Clutter-Free Challenge

Now your Christmas decorations are safely away, it’s time to tackle the rest of your home starting on 1st January. Prepare for the new year and follow the January Clutter-Free Challenge below and work on just one task each day.

As you move through your home and de-clutter each room, ask yourself whether the item should be kept, donated, sold or thrown away.

If you’d like to keep hold of a belonging but lack space in your home, there’s also a fifth option – self-storage. Contact your nearest SureStore and benefit from our industry-leading 2022 self-storage offers.

1st January – Fridge

2nd January – Food Cupboards

After the fun and festivities of Christmas, your fridge and food cupboards are a great place to start your de-clutter and let go of any food items past their best before giving them a thorough clean.

3rd January – Kitchen Drawers

If you’ve too many bottle openers, cutlery sets or fondue forks, now is a good time to donate to local charity shops.

4th January – Tupperware

Christmas can also mean extra portions and plenty of Tupperware. Clear out any Tupperware boxes with missing lids or are unlikely to be used again.

5th January – Junk Cupboard

It’s easy for your spare kitchen cupboards or drawers to become cluttered with takeaway menus, old bills, receipts and random items you’ve acquired. Clear it out and start fresh for the new year.

6th January – Pin Board

Get ready for 2022 with a fresh pinboard and calendar. Choose the memories you want to keep on the pinboard and clear any old appointment reminders or pinned letters.

7th January – Bags

The January decluttering challenge can help to save space and improve your lifestyle and organisation in 2022. It’s a good time to sort through the contents of any handbags, school bags, work bags, and sports bags, so you’re not carrying any unnecessary baggage in the new year.

8th January – Wardrobe

De-cluttering your clothes can be a daunting task, but starting with the items just in your wardrobe can make it simpler. Once you’ve sorted the clothes you’d like to keep for 2022, you can then donate or sell your other items. Vacuum packing bulkier pieces can help to save valuable space at home, and using a specialist wardrobe box in storage will keep your clothes crease-free.

9th January – Towels and Bedding

10th January – Makeup & Accessories

11th January – Toiletries

Once your bathroom is de-cluttered of old towels, make-up and toiletries, take a look at these 12 Space Saving Ideas for your bathroom.  

12th January – Window Sills & Furniture

Clearing your window sills is an essential part of a new year clean and will help to make your rooms feel less cluttered. Any fragile items can be carefully stored and wrapped in bubble wrap. If you’re also considering putting some larger furniture into self-storage, such as spare armchairs you no longer need now the festivities are over, take a look at our SureStore furniture guide.

13th January – Toys & Games

Make room for the new toys and games received at Christmas and de-clutter to make a spacious play area for the children. Allowing the kids to be involved and decide what old toys to donate should help make decluttering easier.

14th January – Under Stairs Cupboard

It’s likely the cupboard space below the stairs in your home is being used for storage. Reclaim your space and discover how self-storage can help to declutter your home.

15th January – Coats & Shoes

16th January – Paperwork & Letters

17th January – Under the Beds

Decluttering under your beds and finding effective storage solutions can help to make sure your bedroom stays organised and as a place to relax and recharge in the new year.

18th January – Mugs and Glasses

19th January – Bookshelves

Organising and decluttering your bookshelves can help you stay focused, read the next book on your list and save space. Any unwanted or read books can be donated or sold. If you’re struggling for space, why not try to reduce the number of books you own and replace your large standing bookshelf with some effective wall shelves.

20th January – Medicine cabinet

21st January – Cleaning Products

22nd January – Porch/Entrance area

23rd January – Office Space

With so many of us working from home or on a more flexible basis, it’s more important than ever to have a productive workspace in your home. Declutter and organise your office space for a successful 2022.

24th January – Arts & Crafts

If you need more space to create, why not turn a SureStore self-storage unit into your arts and crafts studio?

25th  January – Magazines/Newspapers

26th January – Underwear & Sock Drawers

Time to replace your old socks with your new Christmas gift socks. Having organised sock and underwear drawers can make your morning routine much smoother, as you won’t be struggling for a matching pair.

27th January – Bedside cabinets

Once you’ve de-cluttered your bedside cabinets, take a look at these 12 Space Saving Ideas for your bedroom. 

28th January – Freezer

29th January – Utility room

30th January – Garage

Make the most out of your garage space in 2022 and enter the era of actually using it! 

31st January – Garden Shed

Finally, de-clutter the garden shed on the last day of the January challenge. If you have a garden, take a look at these top tips for decluttering your outdoor space.

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