In this series of SureStore Space Savers blog posts, we share some fantastic space saving ideas and tips for your home, starting with the bathroom!

When it comes to storage solutions, we know a thing or two at SureStore, so as well as offering tips on domestic and business self-storage, we’ve decided to share some space-saving ideas!

So, if you’re struggling to find the room for your towels, toiletries and appliances in your bathroom then take a look at these 12 Space Saving Ideas for your Bathroom.

Check out these 12 Space saving ideas for your bathroom for storage solution experts SureStore

Install a Mirror with a Medicine Cabinet

If you’re struggling to store your bathroom items, then a mirror with a medicine cabinet behind it may be the ideal storage solution. It serves the same purpose as an ordinary above-the-sink mirror, but will also allow you to store any medical products, soaps or lotions without intruding on any valuable floor space.

Use Magnetic Organisers

Magnetic organisers stick to the inside of your medicine cabinet and can help you to organise your products efficiently, as well as saving on space. Ideal for storing make-up products, razors, bathroom scissors, lip balm and more, magnetic organisers are also incredibly easy to install.

Install a Corner Sink

If your bathroom is small in size, it can be challenging to conserve space as necessary appliances, such as the sink, can take up valuable square feet. Installing a corner sink across from the toilet can create more space to move around the bathroom, perfect for busy, weekday mornings when the vanity unit is in high demand.

Swap Your Bath for a Shower

If you’re willing to sacrifice your evening soak in the name of space-saving, then swapping your bath for a shower is a sure-fire way to create some much needed room. Installing a modern corner shower unit will result in more floor space in your bathroom as well as more room for shelving and other storage solutions.

Install Recessed Shelves

If you’re looking for an effective bathroom storage solution, then why not make the most of existing space and create recessed shelves between the wall studs rather than buying a cabinet that may take up even more floor space! To achieve this, create a cavity into the drywall between the studs, install a shelving unit to fit the space and then repair the wall for a finished, professional look.

Choose Sliding Doors

If your shower door swings out, making it awkward to install storage solutions, then why not choose a space-saving sliding door instead. You may even decide to fit a sliding door, also known as a pocket door, instead of your traditional bathroom door to save even more space by eliminating the need for the door to open into the room.

Use A Shower Curtain

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to save space in your bathroom, rather than installing a new shower or swapping your glass shower door for a sliding one, then why not consider using a shower curtain. A large, bold patterned shower curtain can literally save you space as they move back and forth instead of out, but their design can also help to give the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom.

Use Plenty of Baskets & Ladder Storage.

If your bathroom doesn’t boast a cabinet, then you may be searching for a practical yet stylish way to store your toilet paper and towels. Why not make use of baskets in your bathroom to store rolled-up towels and other items in a chic and discreet way! You can place them on shelves, under the vanity unit or on the floor by the shower.

Ladder storage shelves are also a top-rated space-saving solution for bathrooms and ideal for popping baskets, towels and other items on as they don’t protrude much from the wall, meaning you can move around the bathroom with ease.

Store Items beneath the Vanity Unit

When attempting to make some much-needed space in the bathroom, you should make the most of any practical storage solution. Choose a vanity unit with shelves, drawers, or a cupboard so that you can store a variety of bathroom essentials under there, from cleaning products to spare shampoo bottles, so that your bathroom appears less cluttered and feels more spacious.

Hang a Towel Rack on the Door

If you have a traditional bathroom door, then why not hang a towel rack to the back of it? It will ensure your towels aren’t in a messy pile on the floor and will also save shelving space for other more personal items.

Use the Space Above the Toilet

The space above the toilet can often go unused, but if you’re looking for some storage solutions to help to save floor space, then you may decide to install some shelving above the toilet.

If the sink and vanity unit are next to the loo in your bathroom, then you could even extend the counter over the back of the toilet to provide some extra space for toiletry products, towels or other bathroom accessories. Just ensure you leave enough room to be able to remove the toilet tank lid when required!

Make Good Use of Ceiling-level Storage

To make the most of the space in your bathroom, don’t forget to make good use of ceiling-level storage too by installing extra shelving above head-level. You could also install an above-the-door shelf and turn otherwise unused space as somewhere to store spare towels, guest robes or decoration.

At SureStore, our range of storage units are the ideal storage solution for appliances and furniture while you take care of any home D.I.Y projects.

So, if you need to store your new bathroom shower before you begin remodelling, then don’t hesitate to contact the friendly storage experts at your local SureStore facility to receive a FREE quote!