Does your bedroom look more like a floordrobe than a tranquil haven? Are you struggling to fit in all the furniture you need or perhaps your make-up and accessories are taking over?

Having a small bedroom can cause some issues, especially if you want to use your room as a space to work, relax and play rather than just sleep.

As domestic self-storage experts, we’ve decided to share some of our knowledge, so take a look at our newest SureStore Space Savers blog post and get some much-needed inspiration from our 12 space saving ideas for your bedroom.

Choose A Bed With Underneath Storage

If you’re trying to save valuable space in your bedroom, then choosing a bed with storage underneath can help you make the most of your floor space and avoid the need for a large dresser by keeping your possessions neat and organised. Choose a bed with storage built-in or get involved with a bit of D.I.Y and build your own storage space under your bed. To save even more space, try to avoid pull-out drawers and choose shelves or cubby storage instead.

12 Space saving ideas for your bedroom from self-storage experts SureStore

Raise Your Bed Off The Floor

If shelves and cubby storage spaces aren’t your ideal space-saving solution, then you may consider raising your bed off the floor in order to fit other possessions under there such as clothes, books and keepsakes. There are several cost-efficient options available such as raised bed frames to allow for extra 14-inches of under bed storage space and simple adjustable bed risers. If you really want to make the most of your bedroom space, why not create a loft bed? This cool space-saving idea allows for plenty of room underneath to create a desk workspace or a cosy reading area and can help to transform your bedroom.

Create A Floating Nightstand

If space is an issue in your bedroom, then you may be struggling to fit all the furniture you require. Why not eliminate the need for a bedside table by mounting a floating shelf to the wall to create a stylish and practical nightstand. By fitting a corner shelf that measures up correctly and is at the right height, you can benefit from a functioning nightstand for your alarm, reading books and bedside lamp without compromising on floor space.

Use Wardrobe Organisers

If you’re struggling for space in your bedroom, then it may be time to de-clutter your wardrobe and get organised to avoid mountains of clothes piling up around your room. When creating a relaxed environment, your possessions must be neat, tidy and accessible. Investing in a wardrobe organiser can help you save space by making the most of its different sections and storage options for your shoes, clothes and accessories. It’s affordable and easy to make your own too, with a combination of storage boxes, hanging organisers and shoe shelves. Lifting and re-fitting the clothing rail slightly higher can also help by creating some extra space underneath for boxes or a chest of drawers in your clothes closet and don’t forget the space on the back of the door either!

Use A Headboard With Storage

As well as making the most of the storage space beneath your bed, you may want to consider using your headboard as a storage solution too. For a stylish look, mount crates or wooden boxes to the wall to create cubic shelves that act as a headboard. These are perfect for storing books and ornaments in as well as being used as a nightstand. If D.I.Y isn’t your thing, you can achieve a similar look by putting bookcases behind your bed or buying a purpose-built headboard with storage space.

Create Overhead Shelving Space

Creating overhead shelving is another fantastic space-saving idea for your bedroom. Make the most of your rooms high ceilings by putting up shelving around the perimeter of the room, leaving around 12 inches of below ceiling space to fill with memorabilia, decorative ornaments, books or DVDs. Or you may decide to mount a large floating shelf or some cubby shelves to the wall above your bed as an accessible storage solution. By fitting spotlights underneath you could also save on the space a free-standing or bedside lamp may require.

Choose A Light Colour Scheme

To create the illusion of a bright, spacious bedroom, choose a light colour scheme and avoid dark, bulky furniture. Even in the tiniest of bedrooms, white painted walls encourage natural light to bounce around the surfaces of the room, making it feel more extensive and open. For a splash of colour, why choose a bright coloured blind, rug or bed sheets?

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

To save space and get the most practical use out of your bedroom, you should try to choose furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. There are plenty of possibilities, place a chest-of-drawers by your mirror and use it as a dresser, or place a dressing table by your bed and use it as a nightstand too.

Make The Most of Your Window Sills

Another way to save space in your bedroom is to make the most of your window sills too! By adding a chair, wide windowsills can be used as a desk workspace and will benefit from plenty of natural light as well as saving on floor space. If you have narrow window sills why not add a shelf along the length of the window and use this space like a desk or dresser.  Windowsills by the bed could be repurposed too and used as an alternative bedside table.

Find Innovative Ways to Store Jewellery & Accessories

Small spaces can often feel cluttered, but using a pegboard for extra storage space can be a fantastic solution. As well as being used to hang accessories and jewellery on, pegboards and pinboards can also be used to attach photographs, souvenirs and artwork to as well as important memos and appointment cards. Whether you use a pinboard, a pegboard or put hooks on your bedroom wall, it’s important to keep jewellery and clothing accessories such as halts, belts and scarves organised and off the floor to save space in your bedroom.

Organise Cluttered Desks & Dressers

Smaller items like sunglasses, paperwork, stationery, toiletries and make-up can soon build up and take up space in a bedroom. Keep your desk and dresser surfaces, cupboards and drawers nice and organised by fitting a range of storage solutions. Rows of shelves, woven baskets and drawer/cupboard organisers can all help to keep your bedroom tidy and your possessions easily accessed.

Keep It Minimal

Finally, if you’re bedroom offers very little space then don’t try to fit in as much furniture and possessions as possible and instead try to keep it minimal. If you can do without a bedside table, or a desk then it may be best you don’t include one in your bedroom to save the little space you do have. There’s plenty of advantages to minimalism too, especially when trying to create a relaxed and uncluttered environment where you can recharge.

If you’ve just not got the space for your bedroom furniture, would like to store your seasonal clothes or could benefit from some extra storage for your possessions then contact your local SureStore self-storage facility. Our range of storage units are an affordable and secure domestic storage solution and ideal for customers who hope to save a little space at home. Receive a Free Quote and book a SureStore self-storage unit today!