At SureStore, we’re here to support you through all of life’s events, including divorce. We have a space solution for everyone and can offer affordable home storage while you deal with the difficult process of divorce or separation.  

We understand the divorce process can be emotionally draining, especially when sorting finances and shared items, arranging temporary accommodation or making important decisions on childcare and your family’s future. 

Our self-storage units can make the process easier by providing a secure and safe space for all your belongings, from furniture to clothes or sports equipment, so you can take care of the important things. Discover the benefits of using a SureStore self-storage unit during your divorce or separation. 

The benefits of using self-storage during a divorce 

The flexible managed storage plans at SureStore mean you can choose a self-storage unit, ranging in size from 10sqft to over 200sqft, for long-term or short-term storage depending on your unique needs and circumstances.

The divorce process can cause major stress for all parties, even when the separation is mutual. By taking control of your belongings and booking a storage unit, you can help to make the transition easier and reduce the friction between you and your ex-partner and, if you have children, minimise the disruption in your family’s life. 

A Professional Storage Solution

So, whether you’re moving out of your shared home, preparing your property for sale, or renting temporary accommodation, we can support you during the divorce or separation.    

Our convenient locations, including the new SureStore York self-storage facility, means you can find a storage solution near you.

Protect your possessions in self-storage

Dividing assets and deciding on the ownership of shared items can prove to be a challenging part of an already difficult process. 

Using a safe and secure home storage unit at SureStore can ensure that your belongings are kept clean, dry and protected and accessible by you only.

If you need transport to move your belongings into self-storage, you can hire a van with SureStore, from just £16 per hour!    

Prepare for your future 

Using a storage unit during a divorce can also provide you with a space to prepare for your future without feeling rushed or pressured to make any hasty decisions. 

Storing your possessions with us means you can then go through the process of de-cluttering and sorting through furniture, personal possessions, and household items in your own time.  

Use our self-storage checklist to make sure everything is in order. 

Keep paperwork safe and organised

Our storage units can also be used to securely store and organise any important paperwork, sensitive information and documents related to your divorce. 

Free and unlimited Wifi throughout our self-storage facilities also means you can keep on top of any legal communication during your divorce and reply to emails from the privacy of your storage unit. 

Find your permanent home

Another benefit of using self-storage when divorcing is that you can use the storage space to ensure that all your belongings are safe and protected until you move into your permanent home. 

Our storage unit can also make the moving process a fair bit easier as you can store your possessions and furniture with us and move into your new home in stages, perfect if you have a few D.I.Y jobs or decorating projects to do beforehand.

If you’re downsizing after a divorce, take a look at our storage ideas for small homes.

Book a SureStore Self-storage unit 

Reduce stress and worry during your separation and book a self-storage unit today. 

SureStore self-storage customers benefit from a safe and secure home self-storage service with 24/7 access on request, support and professional advice from our storage experts. Our flexible managed plans and competitive rates also mean you’ll only ever pay for the space you need and the duration, making it an ideal solution during any unexpected life events such as divorce. 

Our affordable self-storage services can also provide support during other important life events, such as moving into a new home, having a new baby, handling a death in the family, or retiring.  

Choose the right-sized self-storage unit for your needs and book storage space online today to receive up to 50% off your first 8 weeks of self-storage!