At SureStore, we strive to offer our self-storage customers everything you need, all in the one place. That’s why we offer a convenient hourly van hire service in partnership with Hertz 24/7. 

Discover instant van hire at SureStore from just £16 per hour and easily transport your possessions. Find out how to use Hertz instant van hire by following our straightforward roadmap from pick-up to drop-off! 

SureStore Instant Van Hire – A Roadmap

Follow these three easy steps for SureStore van rental in partnership with Hertz 24/7

1, Book A Van

Simply download the Hertz 24/7 app and sign-up to book a van by the hour or day. 

You’ll receive booking confirmation, including your reservation and pick-up details, by text and email. 

How do I download the Hertz 24/7 app?

It’s easy to download the Hertz 24/7 app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s free, quick and straightforward, so you’ll be on the road in no time! Download the free van hire app for Android or download Hertz 24/7 for Apple. 

You can choose whether to book a van by the app, online or over the phone if you’re already a Hertz 24/7 member or you’re making a repeat booking. 

How much is the Hertz Instant Van Hire Service at SureStore?

Van rental prices start from £16 per hour or £75 per weekday, plus the cost of fuel!

2, Start Your Journey

Where do I pick up the Van once booked?

Once you’ve booked a van, you can pick it up from your nearest SureStore location offering the instant van hire service and start your journey. 

All you need to do is follow the van’s onscreen instructions and hit the road! If you require assistance, you can use the van’s display screen at any time to request a call-back from the Hertz 24/7 support team. 

The van should have plenty of fuel for a short journey but you’ll also receive a fuel card in case you need to top up the diesel. 

3, Return The Van  

Whether you need to pick up a few boxes of business stock and bring it back to your SureStore self-storage unit or you’re moving home and need to make several journeys, you can return the van to our facility when finished. If you choose to use our instant van hire service again, we’ll store your details to make booking even quicker next time! 

Where do I drop off the Van when finished? 

Once your journey is complete, you simply return the van to the same pick-up space at SureStore and tap the screen to end your instant van hire session. It’s that easy! 

To make sure the van is ready for the next booking, please leave the fuel tank at least a quarter full and the keys inside the vehicle. 

Hertz Instant Van Hire at SureStore 

Discover quick and easy instant van hire from SureStore and Hertz – simple from pick up to drop off! 

  • Fast Online Registration
  • Flexible Booking System
  • Free Cancellation Policy

Our affordable van hire service is available to book by the hour or day and is ideal for both our home storage and business storage customers. 

Please note you must be 21 or over to hire a van with SureStore and have held a UK driving licence for at least a year. You’ll also need to have a Visa debit or credit card in your name as proof of identity when booking a van. 

For more information on our instant van hire service, call your nearest SureStore location to speak to our friendly and experienced self-storage team.