It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas! You can buy presents, decor and even edible treats throughout the year so that you’re prepared for the big day and are saving yourself some pennies, too. But, the only problem is storing all of this season’s items… whether you live in a bungalow or a detached house, finding the space for it all can be a challenge! Christmas trees, presents can overflow your cupboards and take over your home in no time.

To add to the nightmare before Christmas, often the garage and loft aren’t ideal places to store our festive items if they haven’t been appropriately converted (which can be expensive).

So, what can we do to start our Christmas shopping now, but also save our home from all of the clutter that comes hand in hand with Crimbo? Keep reading to find out why you need a storage unit this holiday season to help prepare yourself for Christmas.


We are all aware of how expensive this time of the year can be; you have Christmas dinner, presents, decor and even outfits to fork out for. Although you try to set a budget, last-minute shopping can often obliterate these numbers. So, we suggest that you keep the cash in your purse and start saving by buying your presents early; this reduces the likelihood of you going overboard with your gift buying.

Once you see something ideal for someone, grab it! When there’s a sale, take advantage and stock up on the presents that you know your family and friends will love. Saving money often means that you have a little bit of budget left over to buy something else for the big day, too!


However, buying presents early can also come with its pitfalls. If you have a clan at home with three kids, a husband and some pets, it’s tricky to buy presents that they won’t find accidentally or on purpose. You need the perfect place to keep them safe, and often the loft and garage won’t quite cut it. With the kids excited to see Santa and a partner wandering around the house, it won’t be surprising to find out they’ve already discovered a present or two.

Save your sanity (and space around the house!) by storing your Christmas presents in a storage unit. You can take everything from the tree to the wrapping paper and place it all in a storage unit ready for you to pick up whenever it is convenient for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about the Christmas magic being dampened, and instead, can make sure that your families faces are still smiling wide and are surprised on the big day.


Presents aren’t the only thing that you might start buying early this holiday season. With decorations often costing a bomb closer to the time, and trees being so expensive, you might want to spread the cost over a couple of months instead. But, where can you store it all in your house without letting Christmas takeover weeks in advance? While your Christmas food might have to be jam-packed into the fridge and cupboards, your decorations can find a new home until the time comes.

Again, a storage unit is perfect for storing your Christmas decorations that you’ve bought in the weeks leading up to the big day. Having a storage unit doesn’t have to be a one-time thing either; often, when we buy decorations, we want them to last for a few years, so don’t forget that you can keep storing your decor in the unit for upcoming years to keep your home from looking like a giant tinsel ball all year round!

Check out our website today to learn more about SureStore and how you can benefit from a storage unit this Christmas. Our units come in various sizes; we can find the perfect option for you based on what you’re looking to store. They are also highly secure, 24 hr accessible to you and can