When it comes to storing items, a self-storage unit is an excellent option for those who need extra space. Self-storage units are secure and provide the perfect place to store belongings that you don’t want cluttering up your home. 

However, to ensure that all of your possessions are well protected during storage, it’s important to purchase good quality packing supplies such as moving boxes, bubble wrap or shrink wrap. 

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Reasons to Buy Packing Supplies

If you’re using self-storage, it’s a good idea to invest in quality packing supplies. When you purchase boxes, bubble wrap and other materials from a reputable supplier, you can be sure that they will keep your possessions in good condition. 

The type of packaging you choose should be tailored to the types of items you are storing; for example, if you’re storing fragile items like glassware or antiques, then bubble wrap and foam padding would be ideal as this will provide extra protection. It’s also worth considering buying protective covers such as dust sheets or plastic covers for furniture and mattresses to keep them clean while they’re in storage.

You should consider how much space your belongings will need when purchasing packing supplies for self-storage. If your items won’t fit into one box then multiple boxes may be necessary. However, larger boxes are often more expensive than small ones so try to find the right balance between size and cost-effectiveness when deciding what kind of packaging materials to buy. It is also beneficial to label each box clearly before putting them into self-storage – this way you can easily identify which box contains certain items without having to open every single one!

Local Retail Outlets

There are a number of local retail outlets that offer packing supplies for self-storage and a variety of materials and products. Many hardware stores stock boxes in various sizes as well as packing tape and protective packaging such as bubble wrap or shrink wrap. These can be purchased at relatively low prices and are ideal for protecting items during storage.

For those looking for more specialized packaging materials, many larger retailers will also have a selection of speciality items available. This could include cardboard dividers which can help keep fragile items separate from each other when boxing them up; mattress covers or furniture covers which can help keep dust off while the item is in storage; or even plastic moving containers designed specifically for self-storage purposes.

In terms of pricing, this will vary depending on where you purchase your self-storage and what kind you need but generally speaking, it should not be too expensive to buy the necessary materials, especially if you shop around to find the best deals! Additionally, some companies may offer discounts if they’re buying in bulk so make sure to enquire about any offers that might apply before making your purchases.

Buying Online

For those looking to purchase packing supplies online, many e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, have sections dedicated specifically to storage needs – here you can find moving boxes in various sizes as well as protective packaging and speciality items for self-storage purposes. Make sure to compare prices between different websites before making your final purchase decision.

Purchasing packing supplies online can be a convenient way of ensuring that all of your possessions are safe and secure during self-storage without spending too much time searching for the right materials at stores near you. Before ordering, do some preparation beforehand, e.g. measuring larger items that you need packaging for, so you know what kind of self-storage materials you need.

High-Quality Self-Storage Box Bundles & Packing Supplies 

If you choose a self-storage unit at SureStore, you’ll benefit from a selection of high-quality self-storage boxes and packing supplies. Each of our modern and ideally located self-storage facilities boasts an on-site Box Shop and an incredibly convenient way to purchase packing supplies for self-storage.

SureStore box shop offers a wide range of packing supplies, including archive boxes and moving boxes in various sizes, packing tape and protective packaging such as bubble wrap or shrink wrap.

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SureStore On-site Box Shop with Click & Collect

Our business and home self-storage customers can easily select the boxes and packaging products they need and place their order with a simple click-and-collect ordering system. Our range of packaging supplies also includes specialist self-storage items, from furniture covers to transit blankets for moving fragile items and specialist wardrobe boxes that keep your clothes crease-free in self-storage.

Not only do our SureStore Box Shops offer customers convenience, they also provide them with peace of mind that their stored possessions are well protected in self-storage. Our SureStore self-storage experts are also available on-site to offer helpful advice on how best to store different types of items safely and securely.

Choose SureStore for your self-storage needs and packaging supplies! If you’re looking for quality packing supplies for self-storage, don’t hesitate to visit a SureStore Box Shop. With our range of high-quality boxes and protective packaging, your possessions will remain safe and secure during storage. Place your order online today and take advantage of our convenient click-and-collect ordering system.