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Reasons for using Self-Storage in Old Trafford | SureStore

Reasons for using Self-Storage in Trafford

At SureStore Trafford, we pride ourselves on providing affordable and secure self-storage solutions for a wide range of home and business storage purposes. Our differently-sized self-storage units, ranging from 10 sqft to 200+ sqft, are available with flexible managed storage plans, so you’ll only ever pay for the storage space you need!

From moving to the area to launching a local business or start-up, take a look at some of the many reasons for using self-storage in Trafford.

Home Storage in Trafford

Moving home

If you’re moving to Trafford or it’s surrounding areas such as Manchester city centre, Stretford, Chorlton, Salford, or Hulme, then our self-storage facility could benefit you! Our innovative approach to home storage can make your moving experience easier and less stressful, especially if you’re experiencing delays!

Our Trafford self-storage units are ideal for storing your household possessions and furniture while you are in-between homes or staying in temporary accommodation. Choose a home storage unit size to suit your needs and store anything from a few boxes to the entire contents of a 5-bedroom home.

Decorating & Renovating

Decorating and renovating your property is another reason for using our fantastic self-storage facility in Trafford. Our self-storage units can provide an ideal home storage solution for your household possessions and help to avoid any splashes of paint or brick dust on your furniture while you carry out home improvements.

Seasonal Home Storage

SureStore Trafford also offers seasonal storage solutions for ensuring your possessions are clean, dry and secure. Save space in your garage or shed and keep your seasonal items such as outdoor furniture, camping gear and sports equipment in storage during the winter months. You could also store your Christmas decorations, big coats and other winter items with us during the summer.


There are also more alternative reasons for using self-storage in Trafford as our storage units can be used as a space to indulge in your hobbies. Why not turn your unit into a creative workshop for your craft projects or take advantage of the free-wifi and make a cool gaming space? Other uses include a personal gym or an exhibition space for your collections.

Business Storage in Trafford

E-commerce Products

If you sell products online via your e-commerce store, Etsy page, eBay shop or any other sales platform, you may benefit from storing your stock or excess products at our Trafford self-storage facility. Our business storage units can help you save space and better manage your inventory, especially if you’ve been operating your business from home! Our free Wi-Fi service across the facility means you’ll never miss an order and can keep on top of your emails and product listings from the comfort of your self-storage unit.

Tools, Equipment & Materials

Another reason for using our Trafford self-storage units for business purposes is that you can keep your tools, equipment and materials safe and secure. If you’re a local tradesperson eg a plumber or electrician, you’ll benefit from our unique key code entry for easy access to your self-storage unit and our convenient Trafford location. You can also arrange access to the facility outside of our standard hours, just speak to the SureStore Trafford team.

Seasonal Business Storage

Many products and services are seasonal, so it may mean that your business only requires self-storage during certain times of the year. However, another great reason for using our SureStore Trafford self-storage facility is that we offer flexible managed storage plans for both long-term and short-term use. Your Trafford business can benefit from affordable and secure storage, and get productive when it matters most.

Book a Self-Storage Unit at SureStore Trafford

Whatever your reason for using self-storage in Trafford, SureStore has got an ideal home or business storage solution to suit you!

If you’re interested in booking a self-storage unit at SureStore Trafford, use our ‘Quick Quote’ service and book online today. Or, call our friendly and supportive self-storage experts on 0800 0129133.

Find SureStore Trafford at 772-776 Chester Rd, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0QH.

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