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How can self-storage help my start-up?

How can self-storage help my start-up?

Regardless of whether you’re running an online retail space, a beauty salon or a consulting firm, SureStore’s self-storage facility in Northwich can help your fledgling start-up find its feet. Our state-of-the-art facility is located less than 5 minutes away from Northwich town centre, providing your start-up business with affordable and immediate access to a whole range of self-storage solutions. So, if you’re running a start-up business in Northwich, read ahead to discover how using SureStore’s self-storage facility can benefit you!

Business Storage

Business storage is probably one of the most obvious benefits a Northwich based start-up business can gain from using a self-storage facility. If you’re trying to run your business out of your home, whether you’re an e-commerce seller or a hairdresser, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find the space necessary for the required equipment and stock.

Here at SureStore, we understand this conundrum; that’s why we believe that people brave enough to start-up their own businesses shouldn’t be forced to choose between living in discomfort or under-stocking their new business. As a consequence of this, our self-storage facilities are purpose-built to be secure, affordable and flexible – providing storage for a range of companies, including start-ups.

Furthermore, our business storage units come in a broad range of sizes; whether you need business storage ranging from 10sqft to 200sqft, SureStore can provide your start-up with 24/7 access to affordable, secure and flexible business storage. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with SureStore today and discover how business storage in Northwich can benefit your start-up.

Domestic Storage

Although a lot of entrepreneurs choose to run their businesses out of their home opting to clear out a spare room to use as a base for their small business. If you find yourself in this situation, then don’t worry, SureStore can also provide you with access to simple, flexible and affordable domestic storage.

Moreover, our self-storage units are available in a wide range of sizes; whether you need 10sqft of domestic storage space or 200sqft, you’ll find what you’re looking for at SureStore. Additionally, our domestic storage is accessible 24/7 secure key pad access and drive-up loading and unloading facilities are also available – this means you’ll always be able to gain access to your possessions whenever you need to.

SureStore is also proud to be the United Kingdom’s first storage provider to offer its customers access to hassle-free online booking. Booking and paying for domestic storage in Northwich has never been easier!

Office Spaces

Admittedly, when most people think of self-storage facilities, they don’t tend to think of them as office spaces – however, this is a mistake! The team at SureStore have found, through talking to many local business owners and small start-ups, that many start-ups are in a position to take their businesses to the next level; the problem is finding a cost-effective way of doing so.

That’s where the team at SureStore step in; our office spaces are purpose-built to be a cost-effective solution when it comes to expanding your business. All of our offices feature free high-speed Wi-Fi, free on-site access to parking as well as no utility bills or business rates – just one simple bill with fantastically flexible terms. Moreover, the team at SureStore will handle the maintenance and upkeep of the office for you, leaving you free to focus on your company.

Additionally, by renting one of our secure, affordable and flexible office spaces, you’ll also be granted access to our on-site boardroom – empowering you to invite clients into a professional setting in which to forge stronger relationships. Our office spaces also have access to the essential workplace amenities you’d expect, such as bathrooms and kitchen facilities. So, if you’re looking for affordable office space in Northwich, look no further than SureStore.

Trade Counters

Perhaps to take your start-up to the next level, you need a brick-and-mortar location! However, for many start-ups, the prospect of leasing a premise from which to operate can be both daunting and expensive. Here at SureStore we work regularly with small and medium-sized enterprises, we understand the troubles they face, and we want to help! We believe our trade counters are an effective way to help businesses in Northwich flourish.

Our modern, purpose-built trade counters, are a fantastic option for both established businesses and small start-ups looking for a cost-effective way of selling their services from a brick-and-mortar location. All of our trade counters afford our customers access to free high-speed Wi-Fi, free onsite parking and access to toilets and amenities. But perhaps best of all is the fact that our trade counter customers aren’t required to pay business rates or utility bills! Accordingly, if you’re looking to take your start-up business in Northwich to the next level with a trade counter – get in touch with SureStore!

In summary, it should be clear how your start-up business in Northwich can benefit from using a self-storage facility like SureStore. Whether you require alternative use of your unit, business storage, domestic storage, office space or trade counters, our state-of-the-art self-storage facility in Northwich offers a range of solutions and can help you jump-start your business, helping it to thrive!

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