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5 Alternative Uses for Storage in Northwich

5 Alternative Uses for Storage in Northwich

Storage units are traditionally used to temporarily store items that you no longer have space for, or somewhere to keep your household possessions while you move home. People often imagine them to be like a shed or garage space separate from the home, somewhere you pile your boxes high and only return when you require something. However, you could use the valuable space storage units provide for so much more!

Have you ever considered using a storage facility as somewhere to relax? Somewhere to workout or a space to create? Take a look at these five alternative uses for storage and contact SureStore Northwich to book your ideal sized unit today!

An Arts and Craft Studio

Do you require a space to create? Our self-storage units may be the perfect solution if you’re an artist or craftsperson who needs room for their materials and tools as well as a space to work in! At SureStore Northwich we can arrange 24/7 access, so whenever you’re feeling creative you can head over and express yourself!

With a range of unit sizes to choose from, artists can benefit from some extra room for your easel or workstation that you may struggle to find at home. You may also benefit creatively from having a designated space to paint, draw or make and with SureStore, your masterpieces are in safe hands as we offer the latest in security and round the clock surveillance.

A Games Room

Our storage company in Northwich may be the perfect home for a personal games room. If you lack space at home to have your large pool table in the living room, then why not set it up at SureStore? You can then practice your trick shots whenever you like!

Our secure units could also be used as a private arcade for those who need a place to keep their classic pin-ball or Namco machines. So, why not turn your self-storage space into a retro gaming room? Or, if you prefer more modern systems, our units could alternatively be used as an awesome space for playing video-game consoles, simulation games and even Virtual reality games. At SureStore, all units have access to 24/7 high-speed Wi-Fi too, so you can play your games uninterrupted day or night.

Extra Wardrobe Space

Do your clothes take up too much room at home? If you have a passion for fashion, it can be easy to collect many outfits and special pieces over the years, but being a style icon can have its downside and result in a wardrobe that’s fit to burst, overflowing drawers and piles of clothes all over the bedroom.  However, at SureStore Northwich, we may have found a solution as our secure and affordable storage units can be used as an extra wardrobe!

Why not organise your clothes depending on the season and store with us accordingly? All you’ll need is some clothing rails, and you have yourself a private walk-in wardrobe. This may also be ideal for those who work in the arts and need somewhere to store their performance clothes, and 24/7 access means you can always pop in for a change of outfit!

A Personal Gym

Going to the gym can often be a hassle, especially if it’s extremely busy and you feel like you’re paying an expensive membership fee just to be waiting around for a free machine. However, for those who like to pump it up, a personal gym may prove to be the ideal alternative use for our storage units at SureStore Northwich.

As well as being a secure and affordable space to store equipment such as weights, mats and spin bikes, our units can also provide you with enough space to comfortably train in private. No more waiting around for treadmill! Our self-storage facility also boasts state-of-the-art security so you can be sure your personal gym equipment will be safe and ready to use whenever you feel like working out!

Exhibit Your Collection

Many people treasure their collections whether its vintage comic books or football memorabilia. However, if you lack space at home, then it may mean that your collection is not receiving the care and attention it deserves. At SureStore Northwich though, space isn’t an issue and our secure, storage units may be the perfect place to exhibit your collection.

So, if you have a model railway collection that deserves to be set up in all its glory, or would like a private place to maintain and display your vintage toy collection, then our self-storage facility may be the perfect solution!

If you’re interested in any of the above uses for a storage unit or are considering another alternative use for our facility then please don’t hesitate to contact SureStore Northwich. Our dedicated team are available on 01606 302181, or you can pop in for a chat at our branch on Chester Way Retail Park, Northwich, CW9 5JF. You can also click the ‘Get A Quote’ button at the top of the page to receive a price.

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