Many individuals and businesses are turning to managed storage to fulfil their needs. There are many reasons why, from archiving to holding stock and more recently the development of using storage units for trade counters.

Trade counters exist in shops where registered tradesmen can purchase goods at a trade discount. With the help of the storage unit space, many people are seeing a good opportunity to, not only hold their stock in units, but also sell it out of the same unit.

Traditional Trade Counters

A couple of businesses already use this process but on a much larger scale. Companies such as Argos and Screwfix function similarly to large storage units, with stock in the back with a counter at the front which they sell from. A customer enters the shop, goes to the trade counter and purchases an item. The goods are then brought to the counter from the back and the customer leaves with their product.

Other ideas

Businesses using these trade counters needn’t be specific to trading of traditional goods. There are many other trades taking place in storage units across the globe and below are a few of the more common ideas that are being used.

Photography Studio

Considering the space, the units provide many photographers the perfect place to set up studio lights and backdrops. There will likely be enough space for multiple computers and printers too so they can offer a printing service alongside the photography.

Phone & Computer Repairs

Some smaller units are being used as workshops for phone and computer repairs. The benefit of a storage unit is that you can choose a size which is perfect for your trade, you can increase the size if you find yourself needing more space. If you’re unsure of the size unit you require, have a look at our storage unit size guide here.


Many storage units have the option for electricity meaning you can use power tools, computers etc. Each storage unit comes with 24/7 CCTV, allowing you to come and go as you please knowing your tools are safe. As you are the only one with the key for the unit, don’t worry about mess. You can leave projects you’re working on and return to them as you wish.

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