Preparing to make use of our storage facilities in the long term? We have some great tips to help you store your items away safely.

1. Packing Materials for Storage

Remember that the strength of boxes will lessen over time, so it’s a good idea to use the best quality packaging materials and storage materials that you can get.

To make it easy, we can provide these for you. It makes sense to buy boxes of a similar size as this will help with stacking and allow you to optimise the space in our unit.

2. Packing Strategies for Storage

Don’t overpack your boxes as they will rapidly become heavy and in danger of spilling. Follow the box instructions and aim to reach full capacity. Use materials such as bubble-wrap, towels or paper to fill any gaps inside, and make sure that the heaviest, most densely packed items are stored at the bottom, with lighter boxes on top – especially if your items are going to be in storage for a long time.

Add clear labels to several sides of each box and make a list of your inventory. Make sure too that you add ‘fragile’ labels onto anything liable to break. Seal every box carefully with packing tape before adding it to your storage.

3. Avoiding Damp when Storing Possessions

Don’t store anything that may be damp in the first place, or mould will follow. Equally, don’t pack your items in sealed plastic as the resulting humidity can lead to mildew.

For any large appliances, thoroughly defrost freezers and fridges. Drain out washing machines and secure the hoses.

Ensure every appliance is completely clean, dry and as an extra safety measure, wipe the interior with bicarbonate of soda before storage – this will protect them over long periods of storage.

Finally, fasten the doors shut for the move but leave them slightly open in the storage unit. If you are storing a mattress, don’t leave it next to wooden furniture or polished surfaces. A mattress cover is a worthwhile investment.

4. Storing Delicate Items

Wrap your fragile pieces separately in bubble wrap or plenty of paper. Fill gaps in the box with a filler material and put lighter items on top of heavier ones.

5. Storing Clothes

Buy specific clothes boxes or wardrobes so you can hang your stored items in garment bags. Don’t put clothes in bin bags as any residual moisture will result in damp. Make sure your clothes are clean and dry if you intend to store them for a long time.

With these measures, you can preserve your long-term storage items and ensure they are in perfect condition and ready for use when you next need them! For more information, contact us at SureStore.