We all know the feeling, Christmas and the January sales hit and now the house looks like a bomb site. You’re looking around the house and thinking “…when did we get all this stuff? Do we really need it?”

The answer is, “no you don’t, not in your house at least”.

We all have things in storage that we don’t want to throw away but don’t want to have to deal with on a daily basis.

One of the best feelings is being in control of this very situation. This spring, take a proactive approach and know your game plan. What items are going, what is staying, and what belongings you can’t bear to throw away and need a temporary new home for.

To prep you, we have a few ideas to help you achieve that ‘I’m in control’ feeling this spring.

Declutter your Kitchen

Let’s start in the main hub of the house, the kitchen. Are there gadgets not being used? Do you still have that bread maker from 10 years ago? Be ruthless and get rid of it.

Cooking books are always a problem. Old and smelly, it’s time to cut out your favourite recipes and place them into plastic pockets.

Sort that bits and pieces drawer out. The one with batteries, medicine, Blu Tack, scissors, string and that light bulb which went out last week. Throw things away, then gather what’s left and find a new, better place for them.

Declutter your Living Room

Possibly the hardest place to keep tidy. People come and go, leaving everything a mess in their trail, including dirty cups and plates from goodness knows when. Where do you start?

Do you really need those DVDs, CDs and books? When was the last time you opened any of those, honestly? Put them in the loft or even better, store them with us!.

Try to embrace the idea of a clutter free zone, for instance the coffee table in the middle of the room. A room looks so much better when prominent surfaces look clean and things are stored away. Lay down the law and let everyone know that the surface must remain clear and when used, it’s tidied straight away.

Declutter your Bedroom

Let’s start with clothes; if they don’t fit, be ruthless and throw them away. Put out of season clothes into storage somewhere so they’re out of the way. Do you really want to be fighting your way through them in the wardrobe on a daily basis?

It’s easy to get carried away with sentimental pieces. We suggest that you try to find one space in the room where you place all your sentimental bits. If you can bear it, put your jewellery, watches and accessories into a draw or hang them all in one place.

Finally, always make the bed once you’re out of it. This is a powerful way to give you an ‘I’m on top of things’ feeling. If you don’t already do this, get into the habit of doing it, it’s a great feeling.

Declutter your Bathroom

This is an easy one. Start by getting rid of old and used bottles that seem to linger. Buy attractive bathroom storage containers that go well with your bathroom. Divide your bathroom’s contents into the people that use them and give them each a place to put their items. It seems simple but it’s an easy habit to fall out of.

Get into the routine of wiping the surfaces once a week, that’ll make a big difference. Finally, replace that shower curtain. This is worth doing every couple of months if you don’t have a glass shower shield.

Declutter Your Garage

One of the biggest problems for households is keeping a tidy garage. This space often turns into a black hole for items you thought you got rid of years ago. You start by placing the items on or close to the wall, then next thing you know, that bike you bought six years ago is edging its way into the centre of the garage. Pots, exercise equipment, gardening tools all seem to take over and rule this space.

How SureStore’s Managed Storage Can Help You Declutter Your House This Spring

This is where we can help. Many of these items you won’t want to throw away, we all love our unless junk that we can’t bear to get rid of. Instead of it sitting there in the way, let us help by giving you a safe place to store that bodyboard and paint collection.

If you live in the North West of England, SureStore can help. We have various self-storage sites across the region, including Bolton, Cannock, and Burton-on-Trent, with more opening in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and elsewhere soon. Talk to one of our experts about how our self-storage units can keep your possessions safe and secure by contacting us via our website.