You’ve heard the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ and while it’s important to live in the moment, not fuss too much over housework, and enjoy your time with loved ones, there’s no denying that a neat and organised home can make all the difference from day to day. 

Discover our helpful tips on organising your home room by room and contact your nearest SureStore self-storage location to book a practical and secure home storage unit today! 

Create an Organising System

Getting on top of your household chores and clutter can prove to be a daunting task where it’s difficult to know where to begin. Establishing a cleaning routine and breaking down household chores using a to do list can help keep your home neat and organised. 

You can create systems for decluttering your home too, work through each room in your home or ask each family member to fill storage containers with items they would like to donate or throw away.

Not everybody aspires to be a professional organiser, but even if you spend just 15 minutes to 30 minutes each day putting things in their place, working through the decluttering process, cleaning, and making space, can help you stop feeling overwhelmed and stay organised without the stress. 

Use Drawer Dividers

One of the simplest and most effective organising tips, drawer dividers allow you to use drawers for multiple purposes and store a range of items without everything merging. 

Not only do drawer dividers keep your belongings neat and separated, but they also allow you to save time and find items easier. Try to keep everyday items or things you use regularly in the top drawers, for example, in the bedroom, you may keep your underwear and socks divided in the top drawer and other clothes in the bottom drawers. 

If you’re struggling for space, here are some storage ideas for small homes

Keep Surfaces Clear

Keeping surfaces, such as your dining room table and kitchen counters clean, will help to reduce your home’s visual clutter and help you stay organised. Try to avoid accumulating piles of items on your surfaces and make the most of storage space, such as the hall closet, kitchen drawers, or kitchen cabinets.  

By clearing surfaces each night, you can make sure they’ll be used for their intended purposes the next day, e.g. preparing food or doing homework, rather than as a space to dump items. 


Install Hanging Shoe Racks

Another simple tip, installing a hanging shoe rack can reduce the number of shoe boxes in your home and offer a neat and efficient way to store your family member’s shoes. 

Keeping pairs of different shoes in your bedroom closet can take up too much space, become separated, and gather dust. A hanging shoe rack for each member of your household can keep everyone’s shoes tidy, organised, and within arm’s reach. 

Create an Inventory

Creating an inventory of household items can keep you informed on what you own and if you need it e.g. when creating a kitchen inventory, you may discover you’ve gathered five egg timers over the years or a few too many pans! 

Keeping an inventory of food in your kitchen can also help to reduce waste and ensure items are used before their expiration date. Using clear storage containers for dry items such as pasta can also help you see how much you have left and avoid adding unnecessary items to your shopping list. 

For more great tips on home organisation, contact the self-storage experts at SureStore. 

Declutter your Home and Book a Self-Storage Unit! 

Self-storage is a convenient and easy way to organise your home. Our home storage units at SureStore, ranging from 10sqft to over 200sqft, offer the perfect solution for families who wish to store their belongings in a secure, safe and affordable space. Using self-storage can help to declutter and organise a household, providing additional storage without you having to move house or upsize. 

With SureStore self-storage units available in various sizes and locations across the country, you can be sure we have a storage solution to meet your needs. Some benefits of having a self-storage unit include,  

  • Peace of mind that all of your possessions are safely stored away
  • Flexible Managed Storage Plans (long-term and short-term storage)
  • Cost savings when compared with renting out extra rooms
  • Convenient Self-Storage Locations with 24/7 on request
  • Seasonal Storage for camping gear or summer garden furniture. 

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