As we enter 2019, our thoughts tend to turn to making resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead. Unfortunately, research suggests that by the second Friday in January, our positivity and motivation falters and we slip back into our old ways and routines (The Independent). To get your New Year’s resolutions off to a flying start and make them more manageable long-term, we’re here to help! Here, we reveal the four New Year’s resolutions we will help you to keep.

1. Start a business

If this year is anything like 2018, we can expect over 645,000 businesses to be started (StartUp Britain). If you’re one of the budding entrepreneurs ready to take the leap and start a business in 2019, you may want to consider self storage.

We all know that starting a business can be challenging, with barriers such as the availability of suitable space, lease negotiation and the influx of any number of bills to consider. To overcome these obstacles, we offer flexible, secure and affordable premises, with short notice periods, from where you can run your business, allowing you to seamlessly expand or downsize as required. Whether you’re looking for a storage room to keep stock safe, a serviced office from where you can run your operations from or a trade counter to corner the retail/wholesale market, we offer businesses various different managed storage options.

If you want to expand your horizons this year, come and join the successful organisations already operating from our facilities, including Tattoo Everything Supplies and Backup North West.

Inside Tattoo Everything Supplies’ trade counter at SureStore Bolton.

2. Get organised

January is synonymous with setting targets and planning for the year ahead, so much so, that it’s dubbed ‘Get Organised Month’. Part of your strategy may include decluttering your home to make more space for a new addition to your family, a new hobby or working from home. While some of your things may be donated to charity, there may be some items you don’t want to part with.

Whether it’s seasonal gear, bulky furniture, priceless family memorabilia or collector’s items, we offer secure self storage space in a variety of sizes for those things you can’t live without. To find out more about our offering or receive a Quick Quote online, head over to our website.

Our Quick Quote system.

3. Go green

Headlines highlighting man’s negative impact on the environment appear in the news almost every day. We have exploited the environment to such an extent that, while addressing the climate change conference in Poland, naturalist David Attenborough warned us “if we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon” (BBC). With this foreboding news ringing in our ears, it wouldn’t surprise us if this year, putting the planet first is at the top of everyone’s priority list: I know it is a priority for us here at SureStore.

By choosing SureStore as your self storage provider, you will, in turn, be investing in a sustainable and eco-friendly company. Our three Generation 4 facilities in Bolton, Northwich and Cannock focus on reducing our carbon footprint through a mixture of solar panelled roofing, electric car charging points, proximity-activated LED lighting and a construction made in part from recycled steel.

Our electric car charging points (available at all of our stores).

4. Give back

If your 2019 resolution is to give back, there are several things we can do to help you achieve this goal. At SureStore, we are affiliated with lots of local, independent charities and organisations, supporting them in several different capacities from volunteering and fundraising to sponsorship and donations. If you’d like to get involved, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on what we’re up to and how you can help.

Our Director Paul receiving a certificate of patronage on behalf of SureStore.

No matter your resolution, we’re here to make your 2019 as stress-free, manageable and positive as possible. Contact a member of our team or visit us in store today to find out how we can help.