In 2018, businesses are turning to storage units to provide solutions to their lack of space. In this blog post we’ll look at a few of the reasons why businesses are turning to managed storage to help them.


Probably the most popular use of a storage unit for any business is using it to archive files and data. Many companies are legally required to hold customer or product information for several years. As you can imagine, these files take up large amounts of office space yet they must be kept in a safe, secure place in case they are needed. An easy solution for many businesses is to keep these files out of the way and offsite, where they are not at risk of damage or ruin by damp.


If archiving isn’t the most popular use of a storage unit by a business, then holding stock will be. A large number of businesses require a large back-stock of products and with flexible plans for units, managed business storage is a great idea.

Whether you need a small or large sized locker, we have various sizes so you know you’re covered and you can move between sizes easily. If you’re at a loss to which size storage unit you may need, have a look at our storage unit size guide for help here.

Trade Counters

Increasing in popularity is the use of storage units as trade counters. This is occurring across the globe with many people starting small businesses out of storage units. Ideas we’ve heard of include selling trade goods, photography studios and even small gyms. We recently did an in-depth blog post looking specifically at trade counters which you can read here.

Office Space

Increasingly popular is the use of storage units for office space. Businesses are making use of the electricity available through powering computers and laptops, to adding phone lines for internet access, small businesses have the ability to have a space to work out of without the massive overhead of a traditional office.


A new service we are providing businesses now is the ability to shred precious data and files. With the upcoming GDPR law on the 25th of May, the protection of client data has never been so serious. If you’d like to talk to us about this service please do get in contact here.

What about security?

You may at this point have questions about security which is understandable considering the products or equipment you store could of high value. We provide 24/7 CCTV service, with all locations manned during business hours.

If you live in the North West of England, SureStore can help. We have various sites across the region, including Bolton, Cannock, and Burton-on-Trent, with more opening in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and elsewhere soon. Talk to one of our experts about how we can keep your possessions safe and secure by contacting us via our website.