Attention Students in Bolton: SAVE 40% on Secure Storage Lockers!

Looking for a safe, secure and easily accessible place in Bolton to stash your belongings for the between terms? Look no further, we’re currently running a limited-time offer on our self-storage student lockers for just £11 per week, including contents insurance!
These secure lockers are a doddle to use, and provide a spacious 10sqft of storage space, easily allowing you to store essential items such as bedding, pots & pans, boxes, a computer or television and other uni-essentials!

Who is this offer for?

This is a student-only offer, perfect for those looking to stash their belongings away while they head home between term time, or are heading off on a 12-month gap-year adventure!
Seeing as our Bolton self-storage centre is in such a prime, easily accessible location, it’s perfect for students at the University of Bolton, and we’re thrilled to be able to pass such substantial savings on to students in the local area.

What makes our student storage so awesome?

At SureStore, we go the extra mile to ensure our storage centre, units and lockers provide a convenient and straightforward storage solution for our customers. Here are just a few of the many great reasons you should choose to store your items with us and take advantage of this incredible 40% off deal!

24/7 Access

It’s no secret that many of you students are night owls, and conduct much of your dastardly business after hours! No worries though, we have you covered. All of our student storage lockers come with 24/7 access, meaning no matter what time of day you need to swing by and pick up/drop off your belongings, you’ll be able to access your locker whenever needed!

Individually Alarmed

Each student storage locker at SureStore is individually alarmed, meaning in the very unlikely event that someone fancies a bit of funny business with your locker, our state-of-the-art alarms will be activated. Access to come and go as you please!

Indoor, Ground Floor Units

Our 10sqft student storage lockers are all situated inside our Bolton storage centre on the ground floor, meaning dropping-off and retrieving your items is as simple as possible. Whether you have boxes of bedding and utensils or just a few valuable electricals to store during your rental, there’s no slogging up and down stairs or lifts for you to worry about.
If you’re a student in the Bolton area looking for a secure, easily accessible and incredibly affordable place to lock-up your belongings, be sure to take full advantage of this awesome 40% off student storage deal! Book your £11 a week deal including insurance with us now by calling 01204 869130.