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Top tips to a stress free move


Moving house is, undoubtedly, a very stressful time for everyone involved. After years of helping home movers, the SureStore (formally Storage Boost) Team have become experts at offering advice and guidance to help take the sting out of relocating. We also have plenty of connections you can utilise and discounts we can offer.

Plan ahead

A recent survey found that 41% of people rank packing their house into boxes as the most stressful part of moving house* statistic found on http://www.themover.co.uk/uk-news/2014/06/16/brits-still-say-moving-home-is-stressful. Starting to pack your belongings weeks, if not months, before you are actually due to move really helps. This will save any last minute panicking. It is easy to put a few books in to a box every night and every single item you pack makes a difference. Set yourself manageable and realistic goals, a room of the house a night perhaps? Doing this will give you a chance to go through the contents before packing them. Don’t take things that aren’t either useful, beautiful or that have sentimental value; moving house is a great time to de-clutter. One of the top tips is to be strict and always label or colour code your boxes; the last thing you want is to be rooting through all your boxes looking for the television remote, or as we have seen on so many occasions a passport! As tempting as it may be to label a box as ‘Living Room Stuff’ that will only hinder you in the future when you cannot remember what you defined as ‘stuff’.

Make a date to work towards

So you make a date and then due to Solicitors or a mortgage problem or illness or somebodies favourite teams in a cup final this may change. It’s not a great feeling to plan everything around a set date and then find out that matters you cannot control have disrupted these plans. So work towards a date but be prepared to be flexible. It can leave you feeling helpless but do not let this stress you too much.  Another top tip is try to avoid moving on a weekend or a bank holiday as removal companies are usually in high demand and some may charge more. This is why it is always worth booking well in advance if you can.

Shop around

Decide the right removal solution that suits your needs and budget. Once you have decided what you want, whether it’s the full works, packing, loading and unloading or just a self-drive van, ask us to help. Obviously if you are on a tight budget you might ask us which removal service is the cheapest. You could even be eligible to use our free self-drive van**. This may be a great way to cut costs. We have a list of removal companies that all offer discounts, prices start from £30 per hour for a man and van service, or from £35 for half a day in a self-drive van or from £300 for long distance removals and full packing services. International removals require a specialist international removals company, we can help to arrange that all for you.

Plan for the unexpected

Plan for a breakdown, plan for furniture to take longer to dismantle that you expect, plan for you to run out of tape, plan for the house not to be ready, plan for bad weather. Plan for everything you are fairly sure you won’t need to do. Fairly sure is not 100% sure. It is better to be over prepared than underprepared. It also helps if you over estimate how much packaging you need. People always need more packaging, you will surprise yourself with how much you own. You are not going to waste any money if you buy your boxes from us as we buy back any boxes you don’t use! We also have everything you could need to move. Tape, medium boxes, large boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing knives, marker pens, we are a one-stop shop when you are moving. We also have new offers on all the time.

Get some help 

Whether it’s packing, loading a van or just someone to make the coffees, any extra hands make it so much easier. Bribe your family, friends and co-workers. Offer cake and coffee, or beers and pizza, whichever is your preference. Even little hands can help; give the children the simple jobs, such as putting books into boxes, checking the cupboards are empty or letting them take charge of their toy boxes. Not only will it keep them from under your feet but it will also include them in the moving process and let them feel included. If you have very little spare time, we can help. We can contact companies that can, not only remove everything from your house and load it into either your new home or our storage unit, but also they can box it all up. It is always helpful to get a good removals service and the ones we recommend really go the extra mile.

Expect a bit of stress

A ‘totally stress-free move’ will probably never happen. Expect to be a little stressed. It is inevitable and expecting it will make it easier to deal with. Moving house has been ranked in several ‘The Top 10 Most Stressful Experiences in Life’ surveys* and no amount of advice from me will completely remove the stress! Embrace it and try to turn the stress into excitement because soon you will be in your new home ready to start a new chapter in your life.

* Statistic found on The Mover Website (available at: http://www.themover.co.uk/uk-news/2014/06/16/brits-still-say-moving-home-is-stressful) Accessed on 27/06/14

**To be eligible the minimum size of unit is 35 sq ft and minimum term is 4 weeks.

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