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How storage units can benefit your business

As a small or medium-sized business, you may start to need extra space for storage, offices or deliveries. Having a storage unit can help you to expand your business and reach more clients.

It comes as no surprise that small and medium-sized businesses are always looking to expand and reach new clients. But, to do this, they may also need to expand their office space or find more storage for their stock. For any chance of growing your business, you need to meet the growing demand and not leave your angry customers waiting forever for the next time you are able to free up more space for extra stock. As a storage facility, we are aware of the inconvenience and clutter that packaging and vast amounts of stock can have on your home or current office space; so, why not find a better option?

By renting a storage unit, not only will you free up the physical space in your working environment, but you will also free up your headspace from all the unwanted stress of wondering how you will be able to grow and develop your business surrounded by so much clutter. Not only that but with SureStore (formally Storage Boost), you will be entitled to many perks that’ll appeal to all types of companies; because who doesn’t love free coffee and car parking?

To find out more on how our storage facility can give your SMB a boost so that it reaches its full potential, read on…


As mentioned previously, marketing can help you to reach more potential clients, but once you have gained their business, you need to be able to meet their demands – and fast! Often, stock can take up a considerable amount of space, and if you are a business that primarily works from home, then I’m sure you will agree that there is nothing worse than having to eat your dinner off a stack of cardboard boxes. If you’re struggling to find space to store your stock without massively cramping your household, then, unfortunately, this could jeopardise your chances of expanding.

So, find a solution! We can provide your business with storage units in a wide variety of sizes, so it is pretty much guaranteed that we will have something to fit your needs (and save your family from tripping over your products). With more space to store your stock, you can free up your home, much to your families relief, or your office, allowing your productivity to flourish and for you to have somewhere clean and organised to get down to business.


With our business storage units, we can even receive deliveries on your behalf and make life that little bit easier for you while out and about. During your working day, there is nothing worse than being in the middle of something and then being interrupted for a delivery – well, with us, you don’t have to be. Even if you aren’t in the building at the time, we can sign for your parcels and give you an email or call to let you know it has arrived.


We bet you didn’t think the benefits would continue? But you’re wrong. Our storage units are available on a flexible rental basis, with only a 7-day minimum stay. This makes our units a fantastic option for short-term stock storage. If you’re in the middle of a busy sales period, you can get a larger unit to store more, and then when it goes quiet, simply switch to a unit of a smaller size. It really is that simple. You can simply arrange your stock to be delivered directly to us, unload it directly into your unit and then downsize when and as your requirements change.

We pride ourselves on making this process super easy for you to expand or shrink as a business, because like you, we appreciate keeping it simple. If you want to grow your business, but you need more space for your stock, then you can change your storage unit to something more significant to accommodate those needs.

On the other hand, if you need to downsize your storage space because of business costs, unexpected investments or better still, you’ve sold all your stock, then you can do so as well. With plenty of units to choose from, we always aim to give you a unit that accurately fits your needs.


Maybe you’re starting to grow as a company, and now your workload is getting a bit out of hand. Extra workload equals extra staff – it is almost impossible to grow as a business without having a bigger team to share out all of your tasks with. But with a bigger team comes the need for a bigger space. So, now it’s time to not only free up space for your stock but for your hard workers, too.

Our SureStore facility in Stafford can be used for so much more than just storage. We can also provide you with gorgeous, modern office spaces, sleek meeting rooms that is perfect for freelancers and start-ups. Say hello to productivity from being in a professional environment that’ll allow your team to network and effectively work, and say hello to being able to actually eat a meal in your dining room again!


Nope! We want to accommodate businesses with modern solutions that break the traditional way that business storage and office spaces are seen – no longer will we stand for overcrowded car parks, lengthy contracts, outdated and dull offices, extra hidden costs for meeting room hire and five pounds for a cup of coffee! No. We know you don’t want that so we are giving you all of these perks under one roof at no additional cost. Can we get a hallelujah?

Treat you and your team to a solution that ticks all of your boxes. A storage unit isn’t something that only larger businesses can use; it’s also perfect for SMBs who need to start expanding and thriving in their industry. If you are interested in learning more about our services and storage units, then feel free to contact us today.

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