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Moving Home in Lichfield the Easy Way

Moving Home in Lichfield the Easy Way

Regardless of whether you’re moving into or out of the Lichfield area, the moving process never tends to be the most enjoyable of experiences. Whether it’s the initial stages of organising your possessions into adequate storage for transportation or beginning to unpack and settle in, much of the moving process is often associated with a considerable amount of stress.

Here at SureStore, we want to remove as much of the stress associated with moving house as possible; after all, you should be excited about your relocation, not anxious about the specifics of the move. Accordingly, our affordable and secured storage units are an ideal way to remove some of the stress associated with moving house, by providing people in the process of moving a location in which to store furniture, keepsakes, garden equipment or any other possession they are struggling to allocate space for.

So, if you’re planning to move either into or out of the Lichfield area, get in contact with SureStore for a range of innovative self-storage solutions.

About Lichfield

Lichfield, a historic cathedral city, located deep in the heart of Staffordshire, describes itself as a city rich in discovery and vibrant with style. The city is home to a broad range of people, including young working professionals, families and the retired; this is primarily because Lichfield can offer its residents a highly attractive work-life balance.

With the economic hub of Birmingham City Centre roughly half-an-hour away from Lichfield via car, and only around 40 minutes away via train, it’s no wonder Lichfield has gained a reputation as something of a commuter town. Moving house to Lichfield could, therefore, potentially grant you and your family the benefits of both locations; giving you access to Birmingham’s fast-moving city centre as well as the opportunities for relaxation, leisure and nature often more associated with Lichfield.

In regards to the city itself, Lichfield’s history as an important ecclesiastical centre can still be seen to this day; the city centre has somewhere over 230 listed buildings which helps to preserve much of the city’s historic character. Accordingly, walking through Lichfield’s city centre is an activity in and of itself for those with a penchant for history or a love of culture. The main attraction in Lichfield has to be its well preserved 12th century Anglo-Saxon Cathedral! However, there’s luckily plenty to do in the city for those less interested in its cultural and historical pursuits. For those who’d describe themselves as a bit more outdoorsy there’s Beacon Park, Drayton Manor Theme Park as well as miles of beautiful Staffordshire countryside to explore.

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of your food and drink, you’ll be right at home in Lichfield. Whether you want to while away your afternoon in one of the city’s many coffee shops or explore the latest culinary craze sweeping one of Lichfield’s many award-winning restaurants – you’ll find something that suits both your taste and budget.

How Storage with SureStore Lichfield can help you move home

Here at SureStore Lichfield, we endeavour to help make your moving process as straightforward as possible. Our self-storage facilities are quite possibly the ideal solution to ensure that your possessions are both secure and accounted for while you move home. See below for some of the best examples as to how SureStore can help you move home.

Decluttering Your Home

The first step in preparing to move house should always be a general declutter. Realistically, during the packing phase of the moving process, you’ll stumble across a range of possessions you no longer have any real use for – you won’t want these coming to the new house with you.

This is even more of an important step when you take into consideration that many removal companies often charge by both the amount of time it takes to pack your possessions, as well as how many journeys the move takes to complete. Therefore, by streamlining the process and deciding what you want to keep, throw, recycle or store with us, you’ll quite possibly be able to considerably reduce the cost of your move, as well as shorten the length of the whole process.

Additionally, SureStore would recommend that you begin this process of decluttering before you even put your house on the market; this is because by decluttering and making use of storage, you’ll be able to manufacture a real sense of space for potential buyers. If you’re lucky, this might even result in you selling the house a bit quicker!

Unforeseen Issues

When moving home, you can, unfortunately, run into any number of unforeseen issues, especially if you’re waiting for a buyer chain to be resolved. In many cases, buyer chains can often lead to people living in between accommodation in rented properties; self-storage is the perfect answer to this situation as it allows you move into your temporary accommodation while storing the majority of your belongings in anticipation for when you finally get the keys to your brand-new Lichfield property.

Allow Additional Time for D.I.Y

After months of preparing for the day you move house, it’s no surprise that when many people finally get the keys, they rush to unpack everything as quickly as possible. However, this is often a mistake, by keeping your stuff in storage for a few days, or even a few weeks after you’ve moved in, you’ll be able to ensure the house is thoroughly clean. It’ll also give you some time to consider the layout of each room and plan where you want everything.

This is also great advice if your new Lichfield home requires some immediate renovation or D.I.Y. By storing valuable possessions and furniture with SureStore, you’ll be able to paint, decorate and even fit a new carpet without worrying about potentially damaging your belongings.

Facilities at SureStore Lichfield

  • State-of-the-art security system & CCTV
  • Professional staff on hand to offer advice
  • Specialist packaging and boxes
  • Commercial, domestic and drive-up storage available
  • A wide range of self-storage unit sizes available

To find out more about our self-storage services, contact our SureStore Lichfield team on 0800 0129133 or visit us at 7 Eastern Ave, Lichfield WS13 6RT.

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