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5 Alternative Uses for your Lichfield Self-Storage Unit

When it comes to uses for your storage-unit, a few obvious options may come to mind. Our self-storage services at Lichfield are ideal for storing your household possessions when moving home, or keeping your furniture clean, safe and dry while you decorate. However, our facility can also be used for more imaginative purposes…

Take a look at these 5 alternative uses for Lichfield self-storage unit at SureStore!

A Personal Gym

If you’re demotivated by busy queues for gym equipment, sweaty changing rooms and over-priced membership fees, then converting your self-storage unit into a private gym may be the right choice for you!

Unlike other self-storage facilities, we encourage alternative uses and are more than happy for you to use your storage unit as a space to work out. Storing weights, mats, treadmills and other personal gym equipment with us means you’ll benefit from easy access and can be sure your gym gear is dry, safe and secure.

An Art Studio

If you need a space in which to be creative without interruption, then why not transform your Lichfield self-storage into an art studio!

The perfect place to make a masterpiece, our self-storage units are an ideal space to store your art materials, tools, canvases and supplies. Why not set up an easel or a workbench and design yourself a safe and secure space to paint or craft? Using your storage unit as an art studio or creative space also means you don’t have to worry about any paint splashes on your home furniture!

A Space for Reflection

It can be hard to find a place of peace at times, especially with our modern and demanding lifestyles. There’s often something to do, someone to see, and an overwhelming amount of information to take in daily. However, you may consider transforming your self-storage unit at SureStore Lichfield into a space for reflection.

With private space, you can find the time to decompress and get involved with activities like Yoga and Tai Chi or use the space to practice mindfulness and meditation. With free Wi-fi across our entire self-storage facility, you can even bring your phone, tablet or laptop and join online classes from the comfort of your storage unit.

Storage for your E-Commerce Business

As well as home storage services, we also offer a wide range of business storage options at SureStore Lichfield. As more businesses move online, and more people choose to work from home, a lot of inventory or excess product can become a problem.

As an alternative to living with your stock, why not consider using one of our Lichfield self-storage units as storage for your e-commerce business? With 24/7 CCTV and individual alarm systems in each unit, you can be sure your business stock is safe and secure. Our free Wi-Fi also makes keeping up with orders, stock take and business emails away from the office easier than ever.

An Extra Wardrobe

As seasons change, so will your choice of clothes. So if your summer or winter outfits are taking up too much space at home or you’re a fashionista with a dresser filled to the brim, you could use a self-storage unit as an alternative or extra wardrobe!

This additional space will make finding your favourite clothes easy, and our specialist wardrobe boxes will keep your clothes neat, clean, and crease-free.

Home, Business and Alternative Storage at SureStore Lichfield

Whatever your plans for our Lichfield self-storage units, whether you require our home or business services or have a more alternative use in mind, our dedicated team are here to find the right solution for you.

Choose from self-storage units ranging from 10sqft to 200sqft in size and benefit from the latest security technology, 24/7 access on request and affordable prices. If you’re interested in our self-storage units, call SureStore Lichfield on 01543 211120 to discuss your storage needs.

All of our managed storage plans are flexible to suit the space you require and for how long.  Click the ‘Get Quote’ button at the top of the page to view self-storage prices.

To find out more about our affordable self-storage services, contact our SureStore Lichfield team on 0800 0129133 or visit us at 7 Eastern Ave, Lichfield WS13 6RT.

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