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5 reasons you should launch a start-up in Gloucester

5 reasons you should launch a start-up in Gloucester

Are you starting your own business? Here are five reasons why you should launch a business in Gloucester. 

Make your Business Idea, A Reality

1. Networking opportunities

Gloucester has a thriving business community with plenty of networking events and organisations. For example, the Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership hosts regular business networking meetings across the county. Attending these events is a great way for start-up founders to make connections, find mentors and potential partners or customers. 

They also support Gloucester businesses through The Growth Hub, offering free business advice and support for local businesses.  

The University of Gloucestershire also has programmes to support graduate entrepreneurs. Being well-connected in the local community can really help get your growing business off the ground.  

2. Excellent location and connectivity

Situated in the heart of the UK, Gloucester has great transport links which is vital for any new business. It is close to major roads like the M5 and M50 giving easy access to key cities Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff. Gloucester also has good rail links to London and the rest of the country. 

In terms of local business, Gloucester Quays is home to a broad range of retail brands and as well as The Peel Centre, home of SureStore Gloucester, there’s also Gloucester Business Park in Brockworth village on the outskirts of the city centre. The proximity to other major business hubs makes Gloucester an attractive launch location.

3. Business self-storage solutions

Finding flexible, secure and affordable storage space is crucial when starting your own business or start-up. SureStore Gloucester offers secure self-storage with 24/7 access and storage unit sizes ranging from 10sqft to over 250sqft.  

Our reliable business storage service enables entrepreneurs and small business owners to scale up operations smoothly as the business grows. It also means start-ups can keep overheads low in those critical early stages.

The business storage units at SureStore Gloucester can be used to store anything from business stock inventory to excess products, tools and equipment, or even spare office furniture. 

Free Wifi and secure remote access means you can even run a small business, such as an e-commerce store, from your self-storage unit and complete orders or check up on emails from the comfort of your self-storage unit. 

We also offer cost-effective office space and trade counters at SureStore Gloucester. Our flexible agreements include maintenance and support as part of our business community, so that you can focus on doing what you do best and growing your Gloucester business! ​  

4. Access to talented workforce

Gloucester’s talented pool of University graduates is another great reason for launching a start-up in the city. Between the University of Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire College, there is an excellent talent pipeline in the local area. 

With a campus right in the city centre, the University supplies over 7,000 graduates every year, many of whom want to stay in the vibrant community. Gloucester therefore has a pool of skilled young professionals ready for the job market across many fields from creative and digital to business and technology.  

5. Lower costs than other UK cities

While still extremely well-connected, the cost of living and office rental prices are more affordable in Gloucester than nearby Bristol or Birmingham. 

Professional office space in Gloucester can be found at SureStore self-storage facility and offers a cost-effective solution to a range of businesses. We also offer adaptable trade counters that can be transformed into a studio, store or showroom to suit your business.   

Employee salaries also tend to be lower on average than London. Choosing to launch your start-up business in Gloucester can therefore help keep overheads manageable in those critical early years. 

Start Your Own Business in Gloucester 

Whatever your business idea, Gloucester can be the perfect place for new business start-ups to begin their business journey. 

With excellent transport links, access to talent and academic institutions, networking events and self-storage solutions, Gloucester has many features that make it an attractive city to base your new business. The ability to keep costs low while still connecting to major hubs across the UK is also a major plus for new businesses. 

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