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Grow your small business at SureStore York

Self-storage units allow small businesses to store stock and business items securely. The business storage units at SureStores York storage facility provide an affordable, reliable solution that is easily accessible, allowing business owners to keep valuable items safe and organised. 

Self-storage also offers flexibility in size and access options, making it easy for businesses to scale as needed without having to worry about storage space. At SureStore York, we offer a range of self-storage units from 10sqft to over 200sqft. 

Additionally, self-storage provides peace of mind knowing your goods are safely stored away from potential hazards like burglary or fire damage. With all these benefits available, self-storage can be an invaluable asset for any growing small business looking to maximise productivity while minimising costs.

Finding the Right Self-Storage Unit for Your Business

When looking for the right self-storage unit, it is important to consider the size and accessibility options that best meet your needs. Different sizes of units can accommodate a variety of items, from large pieces of equipment or inventory to excess stock items. Accessibility should also be taken into account, as some storage facilities may have restrictions on when you are allowed access to your property. It is important to find a unit that offers both adequate space and convenient access times. 

At SureStore York, our standard opening hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday and 10am to 3pm Sunday. We also offer 24-hour access for growing businesses that require early starts or late finishes. 

Another factor to take into account when selecting a self-storage facility is pricing. Self-storage prices in York vary depending on the size of your business storage unit in York and the features offered, so it is important to compare different locations before making a decision. Discover innovative business storage at SureStore York without any hidden overheads or sneaky business rates. 

We also offer convenient and affordable drive-up storage units for business purposes and an on-site box shop for all of your packing materials. 

Organising Your Business Storage Unit

Once you have found the right self-storage unit for your business, it is important to organise your stock or stored items efficiently. Creating an inventory list can help keep track of all the business items stored away, while clear labels make it simple to find specific items without having to rummage through everything. Arranging goods into categories ensures quick access when needed. Additionally, placing frequently used goods at the front makes them easily accessible.

Choose a York self-storage unit to suit your business needs, ranging from 10sqft to over 200sqft, and store anything from excess stock to office furniture or equipment. 

Free and unlimited WiFi throughout our York self-storage facility also means you can manage orders, reply to email enquiries and update your business website from the comfort of your storage unit. 

Security & Safety at SureStore York

When considering the security and safety of your business storage, it is important to ensure that you are taking all necessary precautions. At SureStore York, we value your growing business and offer peace of mind that your stored items are safe and secure. 

Our York self-storage facility also benefits from 24-hour CCTV, a remote access procedure and Noke locks for smart access to your business storage unit. 

We also sell a wide range of self-storage boxes and packing materials at our York self-storage facility. Discover everything you need to keep your business storage clean, dry and protected in self-storage and use our click-and-collect service today. 

Grow your business at SureStore 

Self-storage units are ideal for York business owners looking to maximise their storage space and grow their small businesses. When you join the supportive business community at SureStore York, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art security, innovative self-storage solutions and assistance from our SureStore York self-storage experts. 

So, whether you’re an online retailer and require storage for stock, or you’re a local business owner looking for a convenient location, you’ll benefit from our affordable and secure business storage solutions in York. 

SureStore York offers growing businesses: 

  • Industry-leading Security System with 24/7 CCTV Surveillance & Noke locks.  
  • Business Self-Storage Units from 10sqft to over 200sqft 
  • Convenient Drive-Up Storage Units 
  • Support from our experienced SureStore York team

To discuss how self-storage at SureStore York can help grow your business, call 01904 942090 or book your business storage solution online today! 

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