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Affordable Student Storage in York

Finding a balance with studying at the university can be challenging, and one of the most significant issues students face is storage space. That’s where SureStore York comes in with its affordable student storage solution!

Whether you’re studying at York St. John University or the University of York, our student storage solutions are tailored to meet your needs. If you’re a student from York studying elsewhere, we’ve got you covered too. Our dedicated student storage lockers are suitable for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable storage solution during the term time or holidays. 

Why should students use the storage lockers at SureStore York?  

Here are five reasons why students in York should consider using our self-storage lockers:

Convenience and Accessibility 

Our student storage lockers are conveniently located near the universities, making it easy to access and store your items. You won’t have to worry about travelling far to store or retrieve your belongings.

Affordable Self-Storage Prices

We understand that students are often working with a tight budget, which is why we offer competitively-priced long-term and short-term storage solutions that won’t break the bank.

Safe and Secure Self-storage Facility

The student storage lockers are designed to provide maximum security for your belongings. Plus, our storage facility in York is equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, secure Noke locks, a remote access system, and intruder alarms to keep your items safe and secure.

Flexible Storage Options

Whether you need to store a few items or a lot, we have flexible storage options to meet your needs. Our student storage lockers are ideal for storing your university essentials, such as your laptop, study books, kitchen utensils, and more. If you need more space, we also offer home storage units ranging from 10sqft to 200sqft+.

Peace of Mind: 

With our student storage lockers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. You can be sure your stored items will be kept clean, dry, and protected, giving you one less thing to worry about during your studies.

If you’re a student in York looking for an affordable and reliable self-storage solution, look no further than SureStore York. You can find us at SureStore York, Unit C, Auster Road, York, YO30 4XA.

When can you use a student storage locker? 

Our dedicated student storage lockers are designed for student use and are just the right size to store around two boxes of university belongings, including your laptop, small TV monitor, study books, kitchen utensils, duvet, and fancy dress outfits!

Here are some examples of when students may use a student storage locker at SureStore York:

Between Accommodations 

Students often have to move out of their accommodation at the end of the academic year, but they may not be able to move into their new accommodation straight away. In such cases, a student storage locker can be ideal for storing their belongings safely and securely until they can move into their new accommodation.

Travelling Abroad

Many students take a gap year or travel abroad during their studies. In such cases, they may not want to take all of their belongings with them. A SureStore York student storage locker is an excellent solution for storing their possessions while they are away.

Semester Breaks

During the semester breaks, students may prefer to go back to their hometowns or visit family and friends. Instead of carrying all their belongings with them, they can store their items in a student storage locker until they return to the university.

Lack of Storage Space

Halls of residence or shared accommodations can sometimes be limited in terms of storage space. Students who have accumulated a lot of items over time may find it challenging to find a place to store everything. A student storage locker can provide much-needed space for storing excess items.

Room Renovations

Students may need to vacate their rooms temporarily during renovations or repairs. A student storage locker can be a safe and convenient option for storing their belongings while their room is being renovated.

In conclusion, a student storage locker at SureStore York can be an ideal solution for students facing storage problems or looking for a safe and secure storage option for their belongings.

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So, whether you’re heading home for the holidays, in between student accommodations, or struggling for space in your halls, SureStore York has got you covered. Use our instant quote service to book your student storage locker today!

For more information on our dedicated student storage lockers, call our York self-storage experts on 01904 942090.

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