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An Honest Comparison of Storage Companies in Cannock

An Honest Comparison of Storage Companies in Cannock

Here at SureStore, we believe that our customers, or potential customers, should be fully-equipped with all the facts when it comes to selecting a self-storage facility in Cannock. Although SureStore is one of the most competitive, well-equipped and affordable self-storage providers in and around Cannock, both Storage Giant and Storage Base provide comparable self-storage services in the area.

Accordingly, that’s why the team here at SureStore has put together this accurate comparison of the services our competitors and we offer our customers. We hope that by providing this side-by-side comparison, we’ll be helping people living within the vicinity of these Cannock self-storage facilities make the most well-informed choice. So, if you want to know what the best storage companies in Cannock can offer you, read on!

Which self-storage facility is closest to Cannock?

In regards to the self-storage facility closest to Cannock town centre, that would have to be SureStore. It’s located only 1.6 miles south of the town centre, you’ll be able to reach your SureStore self-storage unit in under 10 minutes.

In a close second place is Storage Giant. Located more to the north of Cannock, this facility is just over 2 miles away from Cannock’s town centre. There are several ways to reach the facility, but the fastest route will take you just over 10 minutes if the traffic is favourable.

Coming in final place is Storage Base; a large facility located roughly 22 minutes away from Cannock town centre. Although the facilities available at Storage Base are impressive, you’ll be travelling over 10 miles from Cannock to reach your self-storage unit if you choose this storage provider.

Do all self-storage providers offer the same types of storage?

SureStore, Storage Giant and Storage Base all offer a wide range of storage solutions to their customers. In regard to the size of storage units available, all three storage providers deliver access to units ranging from 10Sqft-200sqft. With that being said, both Storage Giant and Storage Base also offer storage units as large as 400sqft to their customers. At select SureStore centres, we have units of up to 500ft.

Nevertheless, the possibilities and uses of those storage spaces are not adequately discussed on either providers’ website. Storage Giant is the only provider of the two which provides any details over what specific types of storage they offer; they say they can help with domestic storage, business storage and document archiving.

SureStore, on the other hand, is explicit and detailed in the types of storage they provide at their Cannock facility. Whether you need domestic storage, business storage or archive document storage – you know what you’re in for with SureStore.

Which self-storage provider in Cannock is the most secure?

Storage Base claim to take a proactive approach to the security of their customers’ possessions. Through the use of closely monitored 24/7 CCTV, as well as constant staffing, they believe they can adequately protect your belongings.

Storage Giant, on the other hand, take a very different approach. Their entire facility is surrounded by a security fence, with computer-controlled site access gates that are only accessible by a customer’s personalised access code. On top of this, closely monitored CCTV cameras adorn both the inside and outside of the building and each storage unit is alarmed and monitored both onsite and off. We don’t know what you make of all that, but it definitely sounds expensive to us!

In comparison to both Storage Base and Storage Giant, SureStore walk the middle ground between security and sanity. Although our site isn’t surrounded by a minefield, or manned by armed guards, we still provide your prized possessions with an extremely high level of security. We utilise state-of-the-art CCTV systems, as well as high-tech alarm systems to guarantee the safety of your possessions.

At which self-storage providers can I find affordable trade counters & office spaces?

When it comes to the trade counters and office spaces available at these self-storage facilities, Storage Base lags behind their Cannock based competitors. Briefly looking over their website uncovers very little information about whether or not Storage Base actually offer their customers access to onsite trade counters or office spaces. Although Storage Giant similarly don’t appear to offer their customers access to onsite trade counters, they do, however, allow them to rent office spaces ranging from 140-400Sqft.

At SureStore, on the other hand, we offer our customers access to both office spaces and purpose-built trade counters. Our offices are purpose-built, comfortable and affordable facilities which afford our clients access to 24/7 high-speed Wi-Fi. Additionally, if you’re looking for purpose-built trade-counters from which to run your business, look no further; SureStore’s contemporary Cannock trade counters can help you take your business to the next level!

Are Cannock’s self-storage providers easy to access?

Access is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding which storage company you choose to use. Thankfully, all three facilities in Cannock offer their customers 24/7 access to their self-storage units, 365 days a year. Additionally, all three facilities also afford their customers access to plenty of trolleys and carts – helpful when it comes to transporting goods to and from your car.

In addition to this, Storage Giant also provide their customers with the ability to hire a free onsite van to help transport their items to and from storage. In many ways, this makes Storage Giant the most accessible facility for those without the use of a car.

Storage Base also provide their customers with additional access options; however, they can afford to do this due to their location. Being located a considerable distance from Cannock has allowed Storage Base to build a staggeringly large facility – fit with loading docks, large lifts and covered loading bays. However, although access, once at the site, is a breeze – it’s essential to consider the facility’s distance from Cannock.

Once again, SureStore offer the perfect middle ground! Our Cannock facility provides our customers access to drive-up storage space, a friendly team of helpful staff, 24/7 access as well as a range of trolleys and carts. Furthermore, our Cannock facility offers all of our clients free and accessible parking while onsite.

SureStore Cannock

Here at SureStore we’ve remained as impartial as possible when comparing storage companies in Cannock and with that being said, we still honestly believe this comparison speaks for itself. Overall, SureStore remain the best option for high-quality, secure and affordable self-storage in Cannock!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with the SureStore team in Cannock today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your storage needs with you and help you to find an affordable self-storage unit in Cannock.

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