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Move Home in Bury

The Easy Way To Move Home In Bury

The majority of us have moved home before and are therefore likely to be familiar with how stressful it can be. From organising years’ worth of possessions to trying to manoeuvre around the mountain of boxes stacked in the hall, moving home can be a daunting task!

We’ve got some good news here at SureStore though, as there is now an easy way to move home in Bury! Our fantastic self-storage facilities can be used to make your move as smooth as possible by ensuring your furniture, equipment, and possessions are safe and sound.

If you’re planning to move to the Bury area, contact SureStore to find out more about our facilities and how our self-storage options can help you.

About Bury

A less than half an hour drive from the stunning northern countryside and buzzing Manchester city centre, Bury is considered a great place to live for young professionals, retired couples and families. With excellent transport links, including the motorway and Metrolink, and a short commuter distance, the suburban areas of Bury including Prestwich, Whitefield and Ramsbottom are becoming increasingly popular too due to their ideal location and attractive work-life balance.

As well as sublime hilly views, Bury has a great town centre with a unique blend of old and new. Residents can enjoy a spot of retail therapy at The Rock shopping centre, home to high street brands, or buy some local produce at the legendary and award-winning Bury Market. There’s also plenty of places to eat and drink from traditional pubs to independent cafes, so you’re sure to find your favourite place to unwind.

With so much choice, moving to Bury is ideal for those looking for a town with great amenities and plenty to do as well as access to the great outdoors. Engaging attractions such as Bury Art Museum and The Met can be found in the Culture Quarter and offer international exhibitions, a wide range of productions and live entertainment. For history enthusiasts, there’s also The Fusilier Museum and the Bury Transport Museum which make for a nostalgic and informative day out! With so much choice, moving to Bury is ideal for those looking for a town with great amenities and plenty to do as well as access to the great outdoors.

How SureStore Bury Can Help You Move Home The Easy Way

At SureStore, we strive to help make moving home in Bury as easy as possible. We offer a wide range of self-storage options to suit you, whether you need to store a few boxes with us or your entire home! The innovative self-storage facilities at SureStore Bury may be an ideal solution for when your moving home and need to ensure your furniture and possessions are stored safe and secure. Take a look at some of the examples below for ways that SureStore can help you move home the easy way!

A Range Of Sizes

At SureStore Bury, no job is too big or too small. We provide practical storage solutions in a range of sizes. Customers can choose a small locker or units that range from 10sqft to over 200sqft. We’ve even put together this handy SureStore Size Guide to help you decide what size unit you will require when moving home.

We understand how important it is to de-clutter your home before attempting to move, especially if you are using a removals service as they often charge by the hour and the trips required to move all of your possessions can become quite costly. However, with Surestore Bury you can help to reduce the cost of moving as well as making the process a whole lot easier.

No Minimum Stay

Moving home doesn’t always go to plan and unforeseen issues can often arise, especially for those involved in buyer chains and can often result in people staying between homes or in temporary accommodation. Our self-storage units may be the ideal solution for storing all your possessions while you wait for the keys of your new Bury home.

We don’t apply a minimum stay either, so whether you require our storage unit for months or weeks, you can be confident your furniture, equipment, and possessions will be safe and secure at SureStore Bury. Our services can make moving home easier when stressful situations arise and could also save you money on removals services if you decide to keep only your essentials and store all of your belongings plus the kitchen sink, rather than moving it to your temporary accommodation and back.

State-Of-The-Art Security

Our Bury self-storage facilities boast the latest technology in terms of safety and security, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance and high-performing alarm systems in each unit. Why not make the most of our facilities and be safe in the knowledge that your precious items, furniture, equipment, and general possessions will safe from the elements and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

You may even decide to store your possessions with us for longer than planned in order to create space at your new Bury home while you decorate, renovate, or fit new carpet and flooring. SureStore makes the effort of moving home and dealing with towers of boxes easy with secure access and state-of-the-art self-storage facilities.

Facilities At SureStore Bury

  • Latest Security System & CCTV technology
  • Specialist Merchandise including boxes and packaging
  • Commercial, Domestic & Student Self-Storage facilities
  • Range of units in various sizes

If you’re moving to Bury and want to find out more about our self-storage services, contact our dedicated SureStore Bury team on 0161 2600920 or visit us at Unit 5, Park 66 Pilsworth Rd, Bury, BL9 8RS.

Customers can also book storage space online!

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