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Maximise Space in Your Burton Self-Storage Unit

Maximise Space in Your Burton Self-Storage Unit

At SureStore Burton, we offer a range of home and business self-storage units to suit your needs. Our self-storage units are ideal for keeping your stored possessions clean, dry and secure. To make the most of your storage solution, our team of self-storage experts have put together some tips and tricks to maximise space in your Burton storage unit. 

Our storage units are ideally located for home and business storage customers in Burton-on-Trent, Branston, Needwood, Tutbury, Eggington, Swadlincote and Grangewood.

How to choose a Burton self-storage unit 

Our Burton self-storage facility has a wide range of differently-sized self-storage units, from 10sqft to over 200sqft, to choose from. 

When selecting a storage unit, it’s important that you choose the right size for your needs so that you don’t waste space or overpay for your self-storage solution. It’s also crucial to organise your storage unit and pack it safely, as overstacking or cramming your possessions into storage can result in damage or injury. 

How to pack a Burton self-storage unit 

Here are some top tips on how to pack and maximise space in your Burton self-storage unit: 

Create an Inventory

Creating an inventory of your stored possessions makes it easy to access specific items and stay up to date with what’s in your storage unit. You can create a simple inventory using pen and paper or a spreadsheet document. 

Stay Organised with Labelled Boxes 

Stay organised and ensure your stored items, whether it’s business stock or kitchen appliances, are easy to find by labelling your boxes. It can also make unpacking your possessions much easier once you move them out of self-storage. 

Plan the Layout of your Storage Unit

It’s also important to plan the layout of your storage unit to ensure easy and safe access. Always leave a pathway or aisle in your Burton self-storage unit, so you can reach the back of your storage unit and find whatever stored item you require. 

Dismantle Large Furniture Pieces 

Save time and maximise space by dismantling large furniture items, such as tables and sideboards, before placing them into self-storage. It’s also a good idea to bag up any screws or bolts and attach it to the furniture, so you can quickly and easily reassemble them.  

Pack your Storage Unit Correctly

Make the most out of your storage space by storing larger items, such as mattresses, vertically. However, don’t store sofas on their side as it can cause damage. Install shelving and racks to create additional space. You should also ensure you pack your storage unit correctly and safely by stacking lighter items on top of heavier items. 

You can also purchase boxes and packing supplies from our on-site SureStore Burton Box Shop by using our click-and-collect service.  

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