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Moving House In Bolton The Easy Way

Moving House in Bolton the Easy Way

Moving home can feel like a never-ending process and can often prove to be a stressful time, from the early stages of organising your possessions to unpacking the final box in your new home, but there is an easy way to move house to Bolton. With SureStore, you can make the most of our self-storage services to help make the move of all of your furniture, equipment, and keepsakes as smooth as possible. So, if you’re planning to move to the Bolton area, then contact SureStore for innovative self-storage facilities.

About Bolton

Labelled as one of the UK’s friendliest towns, Bolton is popular with both locals and visitors due to its impressive countryside, historic past and warm welcome. Many people, including professional couples, young families and the retired, are moving to the Bolton area and its suburbs, in order to find an attractive work-life balance.

The town is around 10 miles northwest of the city of Manchester and during the week there are around 45 trains per day making the journey from Bolton to Manchester Piccadilly, which makes it a great location for those who need to commute for work. Moving house to Bolton could, therefore, give you and your family the best of both worlds with great town amenities and opportunity for sports and leisure, as well as access to the city and the countryside.

Located by the stunning West Pennine Moors, Bolton’s countryside is ideal for nature lovers and offers plenty of opportunity for rambling, cycling, horse riding and fishing. Why not spend your weekends discovering the picturesque village of Barrow Bridge, reaching the summit at Rivington Pike or visiting Moses Gate Country Park? There’s plenty to learn about the history of your new town too and Bolton is home to several engaging museums like the medieval Turton Tower, the industrial Bolton Steam Museum and the innovative Bolton Museum, which has recently been refurbished and boasts many interactive exhibitions that are ideal for families.

Bolton also offers a varied nightlife, from countryside pubs popular with walkers to nightclubs packed with young students and everything in between. The area is also home to some fantastic restaurants including Indian, Greek, Italian and Chinese, so you won’t be short on places to eat when moving to Bolton. There’s also the Bolton Food and Drink Festival which celebrates both local and national produce.

How Self Storage with SureStore Bolton can help you move home

SureStore Bolton strives to make your moving process as straightforward as possible. Our self-storage facilities may be the ideal solution to ensure that your possessions are secure and accounted for whilst you move home. See below for some of the examples as to how SureStore can help you.

Decluttering Your Home

Before moving, it’s essential that you have a clean-out and attempt to declutter, as it is unlikely that you will want to bring absolutely everything you own to your new Bolton home. This is especially true if you are hiring a removals company as they often charge by how long it takes to pack your possessions and the number of journeys the move requires. By streamlining your stuff and deciding on what you want to keep, throw away, recycle or store with us, you may be able to reduce both the cost of moving as well as the length of the process.

You may even want to begin this process before you even sell your house in order to create a sense of space for potential buyers. By storing items such as bikes, or large toys and equipment that are not likely to be used during the moving process, you can make a productive start on the move to Bolton as well as giving viewers a good impression, which could even result in a quicker sale!

Unforeseen Issues

Moving home can result in some unforeseen issues, especially where buyer chains are involved. This can often result in people living between homes or in temporary accommodation. Self-storage is an ideal solution for this situation as it allows you to store the majority of your items whilst waiting for the keys to your new house in Bolton. This will save you moving items that you aren’t likely to use whilst in the temporary accommodation such as photo albums and book collections.

Problems can also arise on moving day itself if things don’t go quite as well as planned in terms of timing or again issues with the buying chain. SureStore can help to keep all your possessions safe and clean so you will only need to keep your essentials with you and therefore avoid heavy charges from the removals service.

Allows time for D.I.Y

Although some people may prefer to move in as quickly as possible, it can also be a good idea to not rush the unpacking stage. By keeping your items in storage for a few days, or even weeks after moving in, you will be able to thoroughly clean the house without boxes or furniture getting in the way and it will also allow you more time for planning the layout of each room and what you want where.

This is also true for if your new Bolton home is in need of some renovation or D.I.Y. as storing your main items with SureStore will allow you to decorate, fit new carpet or create an open plan living space.

Facilities at SureStore Bolton

  • Modern Security System & CCTV
  • Specialist Packaging and Boxes
  • Space for Commercial, Domestic and Student Storage
  • Range of Units in various sizes

To find out more about our self-storage services, contact our SureStore Bolton team on 01204 869131 or visit us at Orlando Street, Bolton, BL2 1DU.

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