Running a business can be hard, especially if you’re an SMB. It can feel impossible to take on big competitors while you’re handling everything from marketing to customer service all by yourself, and sometimes your budget won’t stretch far enough for you to reach your goals. No matter how passionate we are about our company, there are many hurdles that we have to jump if we want to reach our business goals in 2020. With our top tips and advice, you can boost your consumer awareness and increase profit.

Keep reading to find out these tips from us here at SureStore and how we can help you develop your SMB. Don’t let setbacks affect your determination; if you work hard enough and have the correct support, 2020 will set the tone for the future of your company.


If you want to progress and develop as a company in 2020, you need to make sure that you have a consumer following. 61% of marketers say growing SEO organic presence is a high inbound marketing priority. People need to become aware of your company if you are to sell products and make a profit. Set up a social media presence and a website so that people can interact with you, as well as see you as a credible brand. Our top tip is to keep your logo professional and have the logo’s theme running across all of your channels; consistency is key when advertising your products/services because you want to be easily recognised.

If you lack experience in this field, you can always take online classes to get you started, but as and when your SMB grows, it may be best to invest in a team member or third-party agency who can handle your marketing for you. Having effective marketing can ensure that you are set up for a good year of business in 2020 by gaining more followers and making your product well known.


A storage unit? How can that benefit my business, you ask? Storage units can help you expand your business as you grow from a small, home-based business to something bigger. As your team grows, you reach more consumers and sell more products, you need to have a larger amount of stock ready to ship out.

This means that you need somewhere to store what you order in or make. A storage unit provides the space for materials, equipment and products ready for shipping. We have a vast range of sizes of units, so it’s easy to find a unit size to suit the amount of stock you have. Don’t forget, you can even upsize or downsize if the amount ever changes, too!


If 2019 hasn’t been a good year for business, maybe you need to try and assess why. One reason which companies find puts a halt in their development is that their branding isn’t working. Take this for example: when a book stops selling as many copies, the publishing company might change the cover design for a refresh that’ll entice new readers. Think of your business as a book cover; you need to change its appearance to appeal to more consumers.

Rebranding can involve anything from the logo, the business name, marketing strategies to even the brand’s message. Have a brainstorm and think of new ways that you can entice customers by tricking them into thinking you are a better brand than in the past – even though it’s the same product.


If you want 2020 to be an excellent year for your business, you need to think about different ways that you can grasp your consumers’ attention. Influencers are plastered all over social channels these days; and though many people might mock some of them online for being entitled, there are hundreds out there who are genuinely trying to help their followers find great products and by giving them support and tips. Collaborating with an influencer who has a target audience suited to your product can be a great way to get your brand’s name in the forefront.

Influencers might ask for an upfront cost to promote your product, but it’s best to work with those who don’t. Influencers who don’t ask for payment will often work on the basis that they only promote the products sent to them that they genuinely love. Send your product to some influences who you think embody your message, and hopefully, your product will stand, and they can share it with their followers.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with other companies and make great limited edition products which combine aspects of both. For instance, if you make clothing, you can work with a local artist and create unique items with their art.

If you looking for a storage unit we can support you in reaching your businesses goals in 2020. Our units are ideal for storing all of your stock, documents and even packaging while you start to reach out to more customers.