Christmas isn’t just an exciting time in terms of food, presents and fun, but it also means that businesses should get ready for a boost in sales. If your product can be sold as a perfect present for someone, then you can use this festive period to showcase it and your business to your desired audience. Even as an SMB or start-up, you might have a few years practise under your belt, but you can be even more prepared this year for business growth and take advantage of your increased popularity with a storage unit.

A storage unit allows you to store products, create more office space for your team as well as take advantage of your deliveries being received on your behalf. Read on for our top reasons as to why you need a storage unit to free up space in your home this Christmas and make sure that you’re prepared for the increased sales that are coming!


If you want to take advantage of the increased sales from your consumers this year, then you need to make sure that you have enough stock. Look back on last year’s sales and see how much you sold then, as well as your growth over the previous year. This should help indicate how much product you need to be safe this year; there’s no harm in being extra cautious, too!

You don’t want to advertise your product and then have hundreds of customers waiting weeks for theirs to arrive; especially if they are gifts. If they see that they will have to wait a long time, it’s unlikely that they will purchase your product, and if they had no warning, you should be expecting bad reviews. Also, having your products ready in advance means that the post office and couriers can achieve their Christmas deadlines!

Don’t forget that once you have the stock, you will need somewhere to store all of it in the weeks leading up to Christmas. While your home office might be where you have kept stock in the past, you don’t want it to ruin your Christmas vibe this year and take over the whole house- especially as you’ve ordered more. A storage unit is a perfect place to move your stock to; our units are safe (with 24-hour CCTV and security), provide short contracts, and they help free up your home for more exciting decorations!


Your team will need to prepare themselves with the influx of customer service requests, questions and concerns over the busy Christmas period. People will want to know more about your products, ask questions about their deliveries and so much more. Christmas craze takes over, and consumers want to know absolutely everything before they spend their hard-earned cash on a present.

If you are hiring Christmas workers or even full-time workers in the run-up to Christmas, you’re going to need somewhere for them all to work. The fantastic thing about SureStore is that our facilities are multi-purpose; we have working spaces available that utilise natural lighting, a modern aesthetic and added perks to ensure that your work effectively together. So, instead of cramming your team into the small office in your home, why not treat your team to space at SureStore this festive season! Remember, you can rent out space for as little as one week; making it the ideal place to work in the busiest periods.


When Christmas is in full swing, it’s no surprise that we want to spend most of our time with our families rather than at the office. While we might need to be present most days to pack our products, run admin and oversee the business, there are some tasks that we don’t have to be present in the office for. One of these is receiving deliveries.

With so much stock to pack and send from receiving orders every other day; you can waste so much time waiting for these packages to arrive before you even do your part. With a storage unit at SureStore, we can receive these packages on your behalf and make sure that they are secure, waiting for you for when it’s next convenient for you to visit your unit, which means more time at home with your family and friends this festive period.

Check out our website now to learn more about SureStore and the various ways our units and working spaces can benefit your home or your business. We want to make sure that you are happy with your unit; great customer experience is key to our business. With our friendly teams help, a storage facility that you can rely on and less clutter in your working space, you’ll find this Christmas a breeze.