Moving house can be one of the most significant and stressful projects that we carry out in our lives; we have to pack away all of our belongings, declutter all of the junk that we have accumulated over the years, organise moving our furniture and then, we have to find places for all of our things in the new home. Plus, if the house you are moving into is smaller, you’ve got an even bigger task on your hands, my friend.

You need to consider where your furniture is going to fit in your new downsized home, as well as where you can store all of your seasonal items- it may look a bit strange to keep your Christmas tree out all year round and call it a house plant. Also, if you are trying to sell furniture before your move-in date, it can get even more stressful if it’s a time-consuming process.

However, don’t let this stress ruin this exciting transition for you. Moving house can be the end of an era and the start of a new one, so you want it to be as memorable as possible. By renting a storage unit, you can make the moving process much more pleasant, and well, a walk in the park.

If you would like to find out more on the benefits of renting a storage unit while moving house, please read on!


When we are moving, we tend to become so overwhelmed by the many pieces of furniture, clothes and all those miscellaneous items that we tend to take from one house to the other in multiple trips. Having so many items to traipse from one home to the other can be very costly when hiring a van to transport them, and it can also mean that you won’t get to settle down in your new home for what feels like another two years.

However, this cannot be the case because the chances are you have a specific date that you need to vacate your current property by and move into your new one. This can cause you to stress, especially when you’re wondering how you are going to move all of your belongings over in just a couple of days. You may be wondering if starting from scratch is the easiest option, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, renting a storage unit can help to make this moving process much more manageable.

Prior to the move, you can start storing some of your items in a storage unit so that on your official moving day, you only need to move out the essentials that you’ll need straight away in your new home – for instance, your bed because that blow up mattress just won’t suffice, your oven because that moving in pizza is a must, your sofa because the rock hard floor isn’t very appealing and bathroom necessities because nobody likes morning breath! Then, in the following days or weeks, you can pop down to your storage unit whenever you want to start moving out the rest of your belongings. It’s simple!


Sometimes when we move house, it is because we need to do the dreaded downsize and this can make it tricky when looking for places to store your items and place your furniture in your new home. Seasons such as Autumn and Winter often come with lots of seasonal decorations which can also take up all of your attic and storage space, and make your smaller house seem even more cramped – sorry kids, Christmas is cancelled!

Fear not, Santa is still coming to town! By hiring a storage unit, you can free up space in your new house by storing these items that you only need for one day (or month) of the year; making your home feel twice the size. Rather than tripping over boxes of baubles and tinsel, you can sit back and chill on the couch during the Spring and Summer months (probably in anticipation of the holidays to come, because who doesn’t love a bit of Jingle Bells?). Then, when December 1st comes around, or even Halloween, you can pop down to your unit and collect all the things you need to make your home a shrine to these occasions.


When you are moving house, sometimes you might end up with two of everything – sounds like the dream? Wrong! It can be incredibly stressful! Maybe you’re moving into a new build with a fully decked out kitchen, but now, you have ovens, dishwashers and washing machines that you no longer need. Maybe you are finally taking that leap with your partner but they already have a fully furnished house. So, what can you do with the perfectly good items you paid good money for? Rather than sacrificing storage space in your new home or just throwing perfectly good items away, you can store them in one of our units while listing them for sale! That’s right- and what’s better is, the buyers can even pick them up from our facility; what more could you ask for?

Selling the white goods or furniture that you no longer need can be the perfect way to make some extra cash for some new decor or a special celebration meal – because everybody needs to celebrate their new crib. Advertise the items online on sites like eBay or the Facebook Marketplace, and you could find a buyer quicker than you imagined.

Don’t make your life stressful as you move home this year; instead, take the panic and worry away by storing some of your items and furniture in our award-winning Self-Storage Facility today. Check out our website for more information on our units.