Fragile items are prone to breakage while moving. In most instances, this is attributed to poor packing techniques. If you have some fragile items you are looking to pack for your next move, we have some terrific tips below to ensure they remain intact while in transit.

Packing fragile plates

For plates, wrap each one in bubble wrap, secure them with a piece of tape and then pack them vertically in a box. Storing them vertically reduces the surface area for movement, which further reduces the risk of breakage. However, do not pack too many plates in a single box.

Packing glasses and fine glassware

Glasses are probably the most fragile of items to pack. Wrap each item in a newspaper while tucking the newspaper inside the glass. Once done, secure the pieces with tape to keep them intact. Glasses are smaller but heavier when stacked, hence we recommend that you use a double walled box for packing.

Packing mirrors and larger glass items

Mirrors are most prone to breakage while in transit because of their larger surface area. While packing mirrors, strap them with painter’s tape from the middle of the glass to the edges to form a star shape. The tape will prevent the glass from shifting and cracking due to the vibration – that may lead to breakage.

Packing vases and ceramics

For vases, we recommend using small boxes for each item. Wrap each vase or ceramic in a newspaper and secure with tape to reduce friction. Pad the box with a towel before inserting the vase.

Always remember that the smaller the box, the lesser the friction and the risk of breakage.

Packing abnormally shaped fragile items

These include souvenirs such as shells. Given their sentimental value, it’s vital to get the packing right. To start with, wrap the pieces in newspaper and secure them with tape. Ensure that the angles and edges are well protected; you can use foam coverings for the delicate edges. If you are stacking the pieces, use cardboard to separate the layers to reduce friction. Again, the general rule is to not overpack your boxes.

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