It’s often the simplest solutions that are ground-breaking, giving little clue to the advanced technology beneath. With increasing numbers of people utilising storage to meet their lifestyle and business needs, customers are often frustrated after viewing options online, then still having to trek to the facility to complete their booking, prior to getting their unit.

Student Storage SureStore

Book Storage Online

SureStore have changed all that with the click of a button. An expanding dynamic organisation with a highly experienced management team, SureStore have become the first UK managed storage facility in the country where customers can select and book storage online.

Working alongside Fat Media’s designers and development team, SureStore now have an innovative website that gives their customers the capability of booking and managing their storage online.

Using the new pioneering platform, customers can access a range of services, from the initial ‘Quick Quote’ (to match their storage needs, size and timescale) right through to choosing and booking their unit. They can also manage their account online, changing the unit size and rental timescale. Benefitting from a dynamic and flexible customer-centred service, SureStore’s state of the art interface is secure, efficient, easy to use and most importantly 100% safeguarded.

SureStore’s impressive website was built with the support of American company, SiteLink, who provide market leading cloud-based software built specifically for storage industry operators. SiteLink’s platform allows for ease of integration with 3rd party applications such as websites, providing not only cutting-edge technology to storage operators, but also giving storage customers a premium experience. The website has the added benefit of being integrated with Sitelink Merchant Services, allowing customers to make secure card payments online.

SiteLink say “Entering the UK storage market alongside SureStore is a huge step for SiteLink, and we’re very pleased to have been part of this project.”

Design partners Fat Media add “We’ve really enjoyed working alongside both SureStore and SiteLink to create this new and exciting website, that reduces the amount of time and paperwork often associated with the manual process of booking storage. We’re excited to see how the site progresses over the next few months – we expect to see some impressive results.”

With storage solutions in increasing demand, this leading-edge technology is facilitating SureStore’s expansion across the Midlands and North-West. This system will soon be operational at their new facilities in Bolton, Cannock and Burton-On-Trent.

Mike Wilson, SureStore’s Chief Executive Officer, says; “Working with Fat Media and SiteLink has enabled us to reach our goal of providing our customers with an innovative, user friendly website which provides excellent storage advice and prices in real time. We’re making the process of arranging storage as easy as possible with our online booking system, helping to alleviate the stresses often associated with moving goods and expanding businesses.”