In my years in storage management I have seen a lot. I’ve become close with many charities, tied in with removal and logistics companies I know I can trust and recommend, arranged some very large spaces for fascinating businesses of all flavours and have been privileged to offer a helping hand to countless young couples starting out, families expanding, emigrating, coming home or downsizing as they retire.

For every renovation, home improvement or emergency, I can help. I have become a very real part of the local business landscape in every region I have worked. The storage industry offers countless opportunities to make my work life hugely fulfilling.

However, having seen it first-hand time and again, I can honestly say that nothing in my professional life has ever given me more satisfaction than helping a fledgling business take a venture out of their home and into a space which then helps them grow to success. I have seen it many times over the years and it’s always an honour to be involved.

Many of you reading this might be running a small business of your own right now, alongside your “day” job perhaps, waiting for the day that your passion project can overtake your existing career and put you in a place where you are ready to take that leap and work for yourself, on your own terms. I have been privileged to see successful, strong businesses grow from single ideas over and over again and I’m here to urge you to organise your plan, prioritise your ambitions, and go for it.

Utilising a managed storage company to facilitate that leap is very often the perfect way to start out. Storage units are available in many sizes and the terms of rental are always flexible. If you are unsure of just how quickly your business will take off, start small. When the time comes, you can switch to a larger unit at your own pace. If your business is busier in some seasons than in others, you can easily grow and shrink your space – and your spend – to match that need without breaking the bank or running out of room.

At a high spec facility like our brand new SureStore in Bolton, you can rent a Platinum grade unit which comes with 24/7 access and free wi-fi as standard, meaning you can really bed in and run every aspect of your business from the premises. There are also luxurious, purpose-built trade counters for customer facing businesses, as well as offices of all sizes.

There is a real business community being built here, meaning that young business owners taking that leap will be surrounded by like minds doing just the same. A real buzzing environment will develop. I know this facility will soon be filled with energised, driven people who will quickly get to know each other and will bring to me even more new ways of making the most out of the spaces I offer them.

I know this for certain because I’ve seen it.

And to those domestic customers moving home, moving up, or down, heading off to pastures new or coming back; To all of you bringing a situation for me to help you solve? It’s great to be here in Bolton. My team and I can’t wait to meet you.

Let’s get started.