Summer Marlow is the owner of Etch Cosmetics, a beauty salon that has been operating from a 700sqft trade counter at our Cannock storage facility for the past six months.

Etch Cosmetics consists of a team of eight, specialising in skin treatments, nails, lashes, and semi-permanent make-up. They also provide non-surgical procedures by qualified nurses such as rhinoplasty, fillers and face reshaping. Botox treatments are also available once a month by a doctor. By covering so many aspects of the industry all under one roof, Etch Cosmetics provides a taste of LA glamour to Cannock and its surrounding areas.

When initially looking for a place to host the salon, Summer hoped to avoid a regular high-street location as the business operates on pre-booked appointments rather than walk-ins. Summer’s main priority was, therefore, the quality of the space, ‘When I saw how new and clean the (SureStore) site was, I realised it was perfect. The fact that I had a brand new, untouched space meant I could put my own personal stamp on it. I had a blank canvas, to do with whatever I wanted, which I found really appealing.’

Summer admits she expected the Trade Counter space to feel more industrial on first viewing and was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the facility and its fantastic location. ‘I’m just off the motorway here, so it’s very easy to find. My clients often arrive an hour early because they found me so much easier than they expected!’

Etch Cosmetics SureStore Cannock

Running such an in-demand beauty business means Summer and her team are always on the go and ensuring their clients are well looked after. Choosing SureStore as a work location means there are always staff on hand to help and support your growing business. ‘The reception staff here are a dream’, Summer exclaimed, ‘They handle so much on my behalf, like packages and deliveries for example. Without them, I could not run my business! No matter how much I have coming in, they sign for, so I never miss any deliveries because I’m busy or I’m out of the business for the day.’

Security was also a major factor as to why Summer chose to run her business from a SureStore storage facility. The salon requires expensive equipment and therefore benefits from the individual alarm systems and state-of-the-art CCTV technology. The team at Etch Cosmetics can often work late too, and Summer likes to know her team and clients are safe and sound at the facility.

As well as the Trade Counter, Etch Cosmetics also benefits from a 50sqft platinum self-storage unit at SureStore. She uses this space to store products and equipment that the business doesn’t currently require in the salon; this keeps the client-facing area clutter-free and fabulous.

It looks to be a glowing future for Summer and Etch Cosmetics as the bookings continue to roll in and after six successful months at the facility, Summer now has plans for Etch Cosmetics to expand. Luckily, SureStore has plenty of space to accommodate growing businesses as well as flexible agreements.

‘I definitely need more space as soon as it becomes available!’, Summer revealed ‘I didn’t think that would happen so quickly. But because I am here at SureStore, I have that option when the time comes. If I had a high street salon, I would be stuck in a lease, in a building I could do nothing with. Here, my options are open. Plus, when it comes to the storage space I rent behind my shop, I only need ever rent what I need. When I need more, I can have it. It’s perfect for me.’

For more information on Etch Cosmetics and the services they provide at their SureStore Cannock location, head to their website and follow their active social media accounts. Facebook: @etchcosmetics Instagram: @etchcosmetics