Take a look at these top tips for storing clothes long term from our self-storage experts at SureStore.

Why should I use clothes storage? 

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. To avoid misplacing, forgetting or even damaging some of your favourite clothing items, you may want to place your summer/spring clothes in seasonal storage during the colder months and then store your bulkier winter clothes in the warmer months. 


Another possible reason for storing your clothes is that you may be travelling or moving abroad temporarily and would like to keep your clothes fresh for your return. You may also plan to store your children’s outgrown clothes until their younger sibling can wear them. 


Whatever your reason for using clothes storage, preparing your clothes for a home storage unit may take some time. However, the benefits of correctly storing clothes are well worth the effort as clothes storage can also help you save space at home and keep your clothing items, from puffer coats to swimwear, well-organised and in great condition. 

How do I prepare my clothes for storage?

Declutter your wardrobe and clothes collection before using a self-storage unit. You’re likely to own clothes you have no intention of wearing again, no longer fit you or are beyond repair. When decluttering, organise your clothes into items you’d like to keep, items you can sell or donate, and items you need to put into self-storage. 


Repair – You may also own some clothing items that are beyond repair and, unfortunately, need to be thrown away. However, where possible, you should attempt to repair any clothes by sewing any small holes or replacing missing buttons. You may even decide to repurpose some of your old clothes and turn an old shirt into a cushion or upcycle a chair. 


Clean your clothes before putting them in storage. You will need to wash and dry your clothes or take them to a dry cleaner depending on the fabric, before putting them into storage. It’s important to wash items correctly as dust and dirt can attract pests, and even deodorant and perfume can stain clothes in long-term storage. 

Where can I store my clothes long term?

If you’re looking for a long-term clothes storage solution, look no further than SureStore self-storage. We offer secure and affordable home storage units, ranging in size from 10sqft to 250sqft+, at our self-storage facilities across the UK. 


When you choose SureStore for clothes storage, you’ll benefit from a flexible managed storage plan, a state-of-the-art security system with CCTV and a remote access procedure, and support from our self-storage experts. 


Find your nearest SureStore location and book a home storage unit to suit your self-storage needs.  

How do I keep clothes in storage fresh?

As mentioned, your clothes must be clean and dry before placing them in storage as failure to do so may encourage moths or result in stain damage. You should also avoid ironing your clothes before storing them as ironing can weaken fabric fibres and make them easy to tear. 


It’s also important that you use the correct boxes for long-term storage. Plastic boxes are a great choice if you’re storing clothes for more than a few weeks, as they do not contain chemicals that can transfer onto your items. However, plastic boxes that are completely airtight can cause some natural fibres and wool items to turn mouldy over time, so you need to make the right choice depending on your clothing items. 


You may consider an acid-free storage box and tissue paper for long-term storage and storing special clothing items such as your wedding dress. It is also recommended that you check the item once or twice a year and refold it along different lines to help prevent any tears on the creases. 


Our SureStore storage units are ideal for keeping your stored possessions clean, dry and secure. Each of our innovative self-storage facilities also boasts an on-site Packing Supplies and Box Shop, including specialist wardrobe boxes for keeping your clothing items neat and crease-free in storage.  

Clothes Storage at SureStore

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