Halloween is nearly upon us; are you ready for the spookiest occasion of the year? If not, fear not because here are five ways you can turn your unwanted cardboard boxes into some scarily good Halloween Decor pieces.

It’s the month of October which only means one thing… Halloween! This is such a great occasion to celebrate; when else is it acceptable to dress up like a fool and get away with it?! But, before we even think about dressing up for parties, taking the kids trick ‘or’ treating or just answering the door for all the kids, we need to think about Halloween decor.

Not only can you look as spooky as ever, but you can turn your home into your lair, too. However, this can also come at a price… Unless you’re popping to the local bargain shop, buying Halloween decor can become costly, especially when it’s not at the highest of quality. Not to mention, as the day is fast approaching, you might be looking for some last-minute, easy ideas! So, here at SureStore, we have decided to give you a little helping hand this Halloween.

As you may already know, we sell all types of packaging materials for when people move home or office. So, we thought it would be a great idea to utilise cardboard boxes, the primary material that we sell, to create some fantastic, scary decor for All Hallow’s Eve. If you have any unwanted boxes lying around, why don’t you join in on the ghostly fun, too- even get the kids involved!


Yes, we realise that you can nip to the local supermarket or go and collect your pumpkins from a local farm, but then you have the job of carving them, gutting them and smelling like pumpkin! So, we thought… Why not compromise?

Grab some boxes of all different shapes and sizes (well, only squares and rectangles, of course!) and start colouring and painting! Design the scariest pumpkin you can, and then tie some grass that you have pulled from the garden with some string onto the top of the box… Jobs a gooden’! It would be a great idea to conduct a little competition in your home so that the scariest pumpkin maker wins, too.


This is where your scissors will come in handy! All you need to do is grab one or two cardboard boxes, depending on how many ghouls you want and start designing. For instance, design some weird and whacky aliens onto the card, then cut them out and then stick them onto your windows. Not only is this idea especially affordable, but from the outside, everybody will be convinced that aliens are invading your home!


Similarly, to the last cardboard box Halloween decor idea, why not turn your front door into a scary monster, too?! All you’ll need is one box that you can unassemble so that you can draw out the monster’s eyes, mouth, horns and a massive nose. Then, grab your scissors, cut out the monstrous features and then blue-tack them to the door! An easy yet very effective decor idea!


This is where your creativity will be challenged! If you want to push the boat out or coffin should we say, then this idea will be the one for you. You’ll need two or three cardboard boxes for this decor idea, and some Google Image pictures of a Dracula coffin that you can copy, too!

Then, you will need to start moulding your boxes into a coffin- preferably once you have painted it with a vampire’s favourite colours. Once you have got the shape right, you can stick it in place with Sellotape or superglue. For the finishing touch, why not add a skeleton inside it? You can even add some old velvet blankets to the base for a proper Dracula-ish touch! Then, place it on your front doorstep with a bowl of treats in, the trick ‘or’ treaters will love it!


Last but not least, we are going to turn some boxes into mummies! Like the first idea we gave you, you can use boxes of all different shapes and sizes; then, all you need to do is grab some loo roll or bandage material and start wrapping!

You will have some pretty un-dead looking boxes when you’re finished, and then, all there’s left to do is add the googly eyes and other creepy features. These would be perfect grouped on your windowsill or next to the front door.

Has this given you some inspiration for how to decorate your home this Halloween? If you lack on the boxes front, don’t forget that here at SureStore, we can supply you with all types of packaging materials, and if your house-move is pretty close to the spooky occasion, this gives you a great way to recycle the boxes, too! Head over to our website for more information on how we can help you with your house move.

In the meantime, have some fun with the kids and create some scarily fun Halloween decor out of cardboard boxes together. Happy Halloween fellow storage users!