Whether you’re an online retailer, local tradesperson or crafter you may benefit from keeping your tools, stock or equipment in self-storage, but did you know you can base your business in a storage unit?

Take a look at our list of 20 businesses that can operate from a storage unit and discover the advantages of using self-storage to run your business!

Why run your business from a self-storage unit?

There are plenty of benefits to operating your business from a storage unit, especially if you’ve been working from home previously and require some extra space. At SureStore, we offer secure and purpose-built self-storage units ranging from 10sqft to 200sqft and even bigger if needed, so if you’re starting out, turning your hobby into your profession or expanding your local business, we’ll have a cost-effective storage solution for you.

Flexible and Affordable Storage Units

As well as providing local businesses and start-ups with a usable space to keep your stock, create products or store your tools and equipment, we also strive to offer all of our business customers a flexible and affordable managed storage plan. This means that you will only ever pay for the agreed storage space and for as long as you need it, with the option to up-size or down-size.

At SureStore, we don’t charge any hidden fees or sneaky business rates for our modern, clean and secure units. Choosing a self-storage unit to run your business from can prove more cost-effective than a traditional brick and mortar premises and doesn’t require signing a long contract.

Free, Fast & Unlimited WiFi

As well as offering our business customers a secure premises to store products and materials, we also provide free, super-quick and unlimited wifi across our self-storage facility. This is ideal for keeping up with your orders, carrying out inventory checks and replying to emails!
20 Businesses that you can run using a self-storage unit

1. eBay & Amazon Sellers

If you buy and sell items on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, you could benefit from a self-storage unit at SureStore. Whatever you sell, whether it’s clothes, books or homeware, our units are secure and accessible to you only.

2. Online Store retailers

You could also run your independent online retail store from a storage unit and use it as a place to store stock as well as to check your orders.

3. Shop Owners

Shop owners who own a physical premises and require more space for products can use our units as extra storage space or an additional showroom.

4. Etsy Sellers

If you craft items to sell on platforms such as Etsy, why not hire a storage unit as a space to make your creations and store your products and equipment. All you need is a work desk!

5. Vintage Furniture/Clothes/Collectible Dealers

Storage units are ideal for Vintage enthusiasts who sell online, at auctions, car boots or market stalls and need a dry, secure place to store their pieces.

6. Charities

Charities can operate from a self-storage facility and use the unit for a number of uses including storing donations, charity records and fundraising equipment.

7. Heating Engineers

Our self-storage units offer a convenient and accessible location for tradespeople such as heating engineers who can use the space to store materials, tools and parts.

8. Plumbers

Plumbing companies can use storage units to run their business from and store their tools, pipes and equipment. SureStore facilities can offer 24 hour access for a small fee, ideal for tradespeople on an emergency call-out.

9. Electricians

Electricians and other tradespeople and service providers can operate from a storage unit and benefit from its security as tools and equipment can be at risk of being stolen when kept in vans overnight.

10. Builders

Local builders and small construction companies can operate from a storage unit and use the space to catch up on paperwork, store PPE and keep their tools safe and secure.

11. Bicycle Repairs

Storage units can store bicycles and parts that can be sold online. They can also be used as a workshop for bike repairs.

12. Fashion Designers

Fashion designers and clothes makers can run their business from a storage unit and use the space to store materials, draw up designs and sew clothes.

13. Gift Card Makers

Gift card makers and other craftspersons can use a storage unit as a dedicated space to make their items.

14. Event Organisers

All types of Event organisers and companies can run their business from a storage unit and use the space to store advertising equipment, props, audio and lighting technology.

15. Wedding Planners

Wedding planners who provide entertainment, decorations or props can use a SureStore storage unit to safely store their business possessions and keep in touch with their clients using our unlimited WiFi.

16. Sport Coaches

Sports Coaches, youth workers and personal trainers can all benefit from storing their sports equipment in a conveniently located storage unit.

17. Market Stall Holders

Market stall holders can use a storage unit to keep their stock safe and carry out inventory checks.

18. Art & Antique Dealers

If you sell valuable art and antiques, then you will benefit from a large, and individually alarmed storage unit at SureStore to keep your pieces dry and secure.

19. Landscape Gardeners

Landscape gardeners who operate locally or regionally can store their gardening tools and equipment in a storage unit.

20. Theatre Companies

Theatre companies may not be an obvious business to run from a storage unit, but the facilities can provide space to store props, performance costumes and much more.

Why Choose SureStore?

Choose SureStore for your self-storage needs and benefit from the support of our friendly and experienced team of self-storage experts. We’re able to accept deliveries on your businesses behalf and offer customers 24 hour access if required!

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