Want to sell your house faster and for more money? Of course, you do! But how exactly do you do that? We’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can use managed storage to make your home sale journey as smooth as possible.

Are there items you don’t want?

First of all, start by thinking about what items you don’t want in your new home. By deciding what items you’d like to move into storage, it will be clear which items you’d really like to keep. This provides a good time to throw those things away or pass them on. You’re now working towards a cleaner house.


Now you’ve got rid of a few items, the house will immediately look better. You can go one step further by placing items you don’t use on a daily basis (but still need for those one off occasions) into storage too.

Think about big items that take up a lot of room like lamps, chairs and other large furniture. This will help your house to look uncluttered, ultimately making it look much bigger. It is important for prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your property. With no mess in the house, prospective buyers will feel far more attracted to the house, envisioning the life they could have in their new home.

Inevitable Packing

Let’s face it when it comes to moving, you’ll inevitably have to pack your belongings and move them, it’s in the phrase, ’moving house’. With the help of managed storage, you can break up all the packing and unpacking by moving your most important items first and leaving the rest in storage. Once you’ve had a well-deserved break, you can retrieve some, or all, of your items from storage and start unpacking again.

In the grand scheme of things managed storage doesn’t necessarily mean less work but it does mean that the pressure is off on the big day. We offer competitive rates, and all our quotes are specific to the individual requirement for storage, down to size and length of stay.

If you live in the North West of England, SureStore can help. We have various sites across the region, including Bolton, Cannock, and Burton-on-Trent, with more opening in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and elsewhere soon. Talk to one of our experts about how we can keep your possessions safe and secure using managed storage by contacting us via our website.