Being an SMB can be tough. You want to see your business grow and develop, but there are so many initial steps and hurdles that you have to overcome first. And, when you start to grow, you have to know exactly what to do to keep this momentum going. You don’t want a significant competitor to come along and blow you out of the water. With competition in every corner, you need to identify the best ways that’ll keep your company afloat.

If you are concerned about how you can develop your SMB, keep reading this blog post. You might be wondering where storage units come into SMB growth, but they can be more helpful than you may think. With the tips and advice below, you can start to see real change in consumer awareness and profit, while also having the right resources to support you through development.


Many businesses start from home; although this is an affordable option, to begin with, once your business gets its feet on the ground, it’s going to need a suitable solution in regards to storage. Materials for products or products themselves can take up lots of space in your home, which can be stressful for you and your family.

If you need to free the home of your businesses clutter, a storage unit is a great business venture. Based on your companies needs, we have various sized units to choose from that’ll give you enough space to store everything from equipment to products. As your company develops as an SMB, you can even upsize your unit to always meet its needs.

All of our units are accessible via a large FREE car park or our indoor loading bays. This makes it easy for you to pop to your unit, even during the busiest times of the day, without getting stuck in long queues.


Marketing is essential for reaching potential clients and making them aware of your brand and product. We should be marketing our brand from day one, even before products are available to buy. You want to create a buzz around your company, so when the time comes to sell products, people are already lining up and waiting.

You might not be knowledgeable at marketing, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any support that you can seek out in order to gain some experience. You can hire a new member of the team who can handle marketing for you, or ask a third party agency to take control. There’s no need to waste time trying to gain marketing experience if you have no interest in the area; instead, gain a helping hand while you continue to focus on your strengths. By hiring someone who will think about the best campaigns for your business, you are 356% more likely to report success.

Marketers who usually or always plan their projects and campaigns when executing against their strategy are 356% more likely to report success


People want to pay for products from businesses that they trust, and so our branding plays a huge part in giving the right impression. If your website, social media accounts and even logo aren’t looking up to scratch, consumers won’t see you as a credible brand.

Take a look at your branding and see where you can improve. Your marketing and website should all have the same product or company name, logo and colour palette. If things look different, consumers won’t recognise your brand and may even think you aren’t an established company. Look into ways that you can boost your branding yourself, or get help from an outside marketing agency. If you improve your branding and stay consistent, your SMB can develop and reach more potential customers.


Social media is a great way to connect with consumers and make them aware of your company and products. But, you can also use social media to connect with influencers and other businesses who can help put your brand further into the consumer sphere.

Though influencers often get a bad rep, they are a great way to reach potential customers in your target demographic. As an SMB, your budget for marketing might not be huge, so it might be best to send products to influencers who represent your values, and see how much they like your product. If they are a fan, they are likely to share their genuine opinions with their followers, making their review more genuine.

Influencers’ paid reviews on products are often taken with a pinch of salt, as consumers can’t fully trust their opinions. Instead, you should work with someone who loves your product and wants to share it with others for free. People will respect their comments and are more likely to check out your brand and product.

Contact us today to learn more about us here at SureStore and how our storage units can help you develop your SMB. If you need to store stock or packaging, we can provide you with the perfect sized unit to suit your needs.