Located on the Irish Sea coast, Southport is a popular seaside resort that hosts various annual events. From the sky-high thrills of the Southport Air Show to the blooming marvels of the Southport Flower Show, there is something for everybody. Discover some of the spectacular annual events that make Southport a must-visit destination.

Southport Air Show: A Sky Full of Wonders

The Southport Air Show, typically held in July, is an exhilarating spectacle that paints the sky with awe-inspiring aerial displays. It’s an experience that brings together aviation enthusiasts and families for a weekend of breathtaking stunts and historic aircraft exhibitions. The roar of engines and the precision of pilots performing acrobatics above the Southport beach is a sight to behold. From classic warbirds to modern jets, the air show is one of the biggest and best British aviation events. The weekend also features interactive stalls and simulators, making it an educational journey for the young and the young at heart.

Southport Flower Show: A Floral Extravaganza

At the height of summer, the Southport Flower Show transforms Victoria Park into a floral paradise. Renowned as the largest independent flower show in the UK, it’s a celebration of horticulture that attracts gardeners from across the country. The show is not just about flowers; it’s a festival of senses with vibrant displays, gardening workshops, and live entertainment. The show follows a unique theme each year, ensuring repeat visitors always find something new and exciting. Why not marvel at the intricate garden designs and gain inspiration for your green spaces?

British Musical Fireworks Championship: A Symphony of Light and Sound

The British Musical Fireworks Championship, usually held in September, is a unique competition. Here, pyrotechnic teams compete to create the most stunning fireworks display! The result is a mesmerising dance of light and sound. This event is a feast for the senses, where each burst of fireworks is perfectly timed to the rhythm of the music, creating a spellbinding spectacle. It’s an ideal event for families and friends to gather, enjoy food stalls, and be captivated by the dazzling display.

Southport Food & Drink Festival: A Culinary Journey

The Southport Food & Drink Festival is a paradise for foodies! Held in Victoria Park, this free event celebrates local and international cuisines. It’s an opportunity to taste different dishes, from gourmet burgers to exotic desserts, all in one place. The festival also features live cooking demonstrations so foodie festival go-ers can learn from top chefs. It’s more than just eating; it’s an exploration of flavours and a chance to discover new favourite dishes.

Southport Comedy Festival: A Barrel of Laughs

The Southport Comedy Festival brings laughter to the seaside town each year. The comedy event showcases a mix of famous comedians and rising stars, offering a diverse range of comedic styles. From stand-up to improvisation, there’s something to tickle everyone’s funny bone. The festival’s intimate venues create a unique atmosphere where comedians and audiences connect, making it a memorable experience for all.

Southport’s annual events each bring a unique charm. These events celebrate culture, art, and entertainment and bring the community together. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these events are a must-experience, adding colour and excitement to the calendar year.