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Types of Office Spaces in Burton-on-Trent | SureStore

Choosing an office space for your business can be a tricky business. In this day and age, business owners need to make considerations not only about the functionality, price and location of office space but also how it represents their company to staff and visitors. 

Almost everyone can recall a time when they have visited an office for the first time, only to be greeted by a tired, run-down building on an industrial estate or old mill, which almost certainly sets a tone for the meeting before any transactions have begun.

Here’s an overview of the several types of office space available to you in the Burton-on-Trent area, ideal for those who are in the early stages of deciding which kind of space is best suited to their business and brand!

Traditional Serviced Offices

Fans of BBC’s ‘The Office’ won’t be strangers to the aesthetic of a traditional serviced office. While serviced offices make up for a large percentage of workspaces in the UK, many businesses are now turning to more modern alternatives due to the often grey, lacklustre look and atmosphere of the traditional serviced office environment.

Traditional serviced offices could be a good fit for established brands looking to house a large team who require dedicated meeting space, inclusive utility costs and daily cleaning services. However, a drab working environment has been observed to reduce staff morale and may leave you vulnerable to a higher rate of staff turnover (especially if your competitors have a more appealing work environment).

Non-Serviced Workspaces

Often among the cheapest options when it comes to sourcing a workspace, non-serviced office spaces usually offer the bare minimum to tenancy holders. Non-serviced workspaces often don’t include cleaning & maintenance services, utilities and rarely an available room for meetings or conferences.

While there is undoubtedly a place in the market for extremely low-cost workspaces, it seems that non-serviced office spaces are outmatched by more modern alternatives such as co-working spaces, which are also available at a low cost, but additionally offer attractive meeting spaces, cafeterias & communal areas, free Wi-Fi and more

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces have become incredibly popular over the last few years. They usually offer flexible rolling-contracts, a modern work environment and have available meeting rooms that can be hired at an extra cost when needed.

However, as co-working spaces are often charged on a ‘per-desk’ basis, their cost can quickly snowball and become inefficient for those who have several employees or team members. Also, those who prefer privacy from their workspace, either due to the sensitive nature of their business or simply to improve team efficiency, may find a co-working space to be distracting, especially as you have no control of the behaviour of other companies’ employees sharing the space around you.

Home Offices

After several months in lockdown, it’s fair to say many UK workers have found a way to set up a remote workspace from home, be it a spare bedroom or simply a laptop setup at the dining table!

While this is certainly a low cost, low-risk way to work in the short term, once the new round of COVID restrictions begins to be slowly lifted in 2021 you may wish to begin looking at a new workspace in which to setup your business HQ. This could be particularly useful if you’re one of the many workers in the UK who struggles to achieve high levels of productivity from home, or you require a professional setting at which to host meetings and interviews.

If you’re also looking to grow the size of your team and need sufficient time to work with them on a face-to-face basis (such as staff training) then sourcing a more spacious and accommodating workspace may also be an appropriate solution.


SureStore Office Space 

Each category of workspace listed above has its own range of benefits and downsides, meaning almost every option will inevitably come with some form of trade-off, be it overspending on expensive serviced offices while benefiting from a well-maintained workspace, or running your business from an affordable co-working space, while not being able to scale your team without overspending on pay-per-desk arrangements.

At SureStore, we’ve listened to the many wants and needs of UK business owners. We have created a flexible workspace solution that provides a vast range of benefits to our tenants, including:

  • All offices are serviced and maintained
  • 24/7 CCTV and reliable, fast-acting alarms
  • Office furniture packs available for rental
  • A range of office sizes available
  • On-site parking
  • On-site meeting space & boardroom
  • Full access to communal kitchen & restrooms

There are a huge range of benefits to choosing SureStore for your office space provider in Burton-on-Trent, for more information and a full list of benefits, you can view our office space in Burton page here.


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