Antiques move around all the time, travelling from one family member to another or from a seller to a buyer. However, we believe that something so precious as an antique needs extra attention and preparation when it comes to safe storage.

Problems with storing at home

Avoid storing at home. Houses are prone to all sorts of problems, including damp, pests, mould and dust.

A garage is an idea many people jump to but something may fall onto the item after getting nudged. Garages are often full of chemicals like paint that could spoil the antique. If you think you’ll struggle to control the environment, don’t store your prized antique there.


Before you do anything, you must consider insurance. You should start the process by getting an estimate of the value of your antique. Once that’s done, take lots of photos from every possible angle, including close-ups. Then, conduct a thorough inventory of the antique, especially if there are multiple parts, including measurements and descriptions.

We can provide insurance during the quoting process for extra peace of mind. Learn more about our insurance options by getting in contact today.


As you begin the process of preparing your antique for storage, you’ll want to think about wrapping it in something. Bubble wrap or a sheet or felt are all good options. Different antiques will require a different way of wrapping. If there are fragile parts, for example, you may want to consider taking the antique apart and wrapping each individual piece.

There are also bespoke cardboard boxes designed for goods, such as wine, that you could use to keep items safe and secure.

Choosing a place to store your antiques

There are many things to consider when choosing a place to store your precious items. You’ll want to ensure that they’re not at risk of receiving any damage from damp or rodents. Place them somewhere where they are unlikely to get in the way and receive any knocks or scrapes. Some antiques – like rare wine or paintings – will benefit from a temperature controlled environment or space where no sunlight with tarnish them.

If you want to be certain of their safety, find somewhere that provides 24-hour surveillance and staff to keep an eye on the belonging.

If you live in the North West of England, SureStore can help. We have various sites across the region, including Bolton, Cannock, andBurton-on-Trent, with more opening in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds soon. Talk to one of our experts about how we can keep your antiques safe and secure by contacting us on 0800 0129 131.