When thinking of storage units many of us picture a container, locked away and full of boxes upon boxes. In reality, many storage units are large, clean areas equipped with electrics, ready for you to make them into whatever you wish.

These spaces come in different storage sizes and can be used for all sorts of projects and passions, making perfect places for you to escape too. To show you some of the amazing things you can do, we’ve picked seven creative things to do with a storage unit which you can recreate yourself.

1. Crafty Den

For those of you which love getting crafty, a storage unit can be a great place to keep all your sewing kits, ribbons and buttons. Cut, sew and design in your storage unit, leaving all your materials in one, secure place. It will keep your house free from messy threads and sharp needles, giving you a place to embrace your creativity.

2. Gamer Room

Storage units can also be turned into the ultimate gamer room. Fill the space with comfy chairs and favourite consoles for a home away from home. Bring some snacks and settle in for some top evening entertainment in the ultimate man cave. Plus, you’ll be able to compete with your friends online without any interruptions!

3. Zen Escape

Make your storage space into a place just for you. Decorate it with home comforts and escape there when you need a little peace and quiet from the outside world. Practice yoga, read or reflect on your day in your own secret space. Only you will have access to the unit, so you can call this space yours and yours alone.

4. Inventive Space

Many of us don’t have gardens which mean we don’t have a shed! Sheds are an ideal space for inventing, fixing and tinkering but storage units make useful alternatives. Why not purchase a storage unit and turn it into your own little workshop? Store your tools and complete your DIY projects in this handy, secure space.

5. Practice Studio

Practice makes perfect and that is true for all manner of disciplines. Whether it’s playing the saxophone, rehearsing a ballet recital, or painting a piece of artwork, we all need a clear space to practice our passions. Storage units happen to be perfectly designed for this; clean, quiet and spacious, they are places where you can practice with no one watching.

6. Work Office

Storage units are practical solutions so using them as a work office is a natural use of the space. These are ideal for freelancers of all professions, allowing you to separate your professional and personal life by bringing your work out of the house. Storage units will often be cheaper than renting office spaces and you’ll be able to store your personal belongs there too.

7. Personal Gym

Instead of paying for an expensive gym membership, rent a storage space and turn it into your personal workout area. With easy accessibility, you can fill it with your favourite machines and workout without anyone watching. No more waiting for a machine or crowded changing rooms.

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