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Driving investment growth in the self storage sector

SureStore Consultants works with institutional funds and property owners to drive investment growth in the self storage sector. We are currently managing and developing 12 sites through various stages of their lifecycle, with a combined asset value of c.£75m.

We develop award winning 4th generation stores on behalf of investors, with diverse multiple income streams. All the stores we construct are brand new or complete refurbishments, including the reinventing of vacant retail space into profitable storage and business solutions. This generation 4 approach allows us to build-in state of the art technology, whilst also embedding our passion for innovation, sustainability and responsibility.

Operationally we’re not a traditional self storage company, we’re unique in tailoring our offering to market demands, resulting in stores that outperform the sector norms, generating high yields for our investment partners.

Our management team is one of the most experienced in the market offering these services today. Having started, developed and sold numerous sites of our own over the last 12 years we have an inside view of how to Invest, Develop and Manage the process to create a successful self storage business. We are the only independent company in the UK who design, construct, and subsequently manage turnkey self storage projects.

Long-term relationships with our investment partners from concept to maturity, are key to delivering success for all stakeholders. Having built and operated self storage facilities throughout Europe, our combined experience of 30+ years, allows us to focus on the key deliverables for a successful capital return.

Our expertise and vision enables us to innovate and develop our products, in line with long-term market trends. We understand the needs of each individual market, and provide those services best suited to local demand, driving growth and operational returns greater than the industry norms.

We can demonstrate how a cross-section consisting of 4 existing sites showing their size, cost, market value and return on investment. All of our sites depict a consistent rise in market value and return on investment, all developed and managed by the experienced and knowledgeable SureStore team.

Turn Vacant Space Into A Profitable Storage Solutions?

SureStore Consultants help turn vacant space into profitable storage for businesses and consumers. We can maximising lettable areas to facilitate long term investment returns.

We contract with experienced construction teams, whose industry expertise ensures a project is on time and within budget. Together, we build facilities of all shapes and sizes, maximising the lettable area within any planning constraints, allowing us to establish the maximum long term investment returns.

Whether a proposed project is a re-purposing of an existing asset, or a complete new build, we provide an end-to-end design and operational management solution for our partners’ new self storage facility. With the ongoing changes to the retail sector, we have more recently been rejuvenating former vacant retail sites into profitable self storage facilities, providing investors with returns from an otherwise investment dilemma.

All our investors have access to our expertise, leading-edge operational systems and processes, which deliver outstanding performance and returns.

By providing our investment partners with instant access to our online KPI portal, backed up by comprehensive monthly reporting, we deliver the operational confidence for a successful partnership. Backed up by the latest industry data, we can provide feasibility studies for proposed locations, showing anticipated investment returns.

SureStore Stafford best independent self storage facility

A Professional Team of Consultants

Read here about our SureStore Consultants Mike Wilson and Andrew Wood.

Download our SureStore Consultants brochure to find out how we can deliver a consistent rise in market value and give us a call to find out how we can re-invent vacant retail space into profitable storage.