If you run a small business or start-up, then our co-working space at SureStore may be an ideal solution! 

Many of us choose to work from home when first establishing and developing a business, and although there are many perks to turning your bedroom or living room into an office, it may not offer you the best work-life balance as time goes on and your business grows. Alternatively, you may choose to rent an office space or a physical premise to provide you with a productive work environment away from home. However, office spaces and business premises can often prove expensive, especially for new businesses who need to keep costs down. 

At SureStore, we offer our business customers a modern co-working space where you can thrive in a productive, shared environment, and save money at the same time! So, if you’re considering taking your start-up business to the next step, then take a look at these five awesome reasons for using our co-working space at SureStore. 

Fantastic Facilities that top your local Coffee Shop 

Our co-working space offers fantastic facilities and everything you need to get your work done, meet your deadlines and develop your business. 

Working from a coffee shop, or even at home, can sometimes present some challenges, from noisy environments to non-business-related interruptions, unreliable internet connections, a lack of available plug sockets and difficulty arranging meetings with clients. 

Co-working at SureStore can help you to avoid these issues, maintain professionalism and be as productive as possible. At our shared office space, you’ll never struggle to find a plug socket! There’s also plenty of desk space, unlimited, hi-speed WiFi and plenty of free tea and coffee to keep you going! 

As well as the use of our snazzy espresso machine, you’ll also have the option to access our professional meeting rooms that are perfect for impressing potential clients! Each co-worker receives five free credits within the membership fee which can be used to book the meeting rooms as and when needed. 

Flexible and Affordable Membership Fees 

Renting an office space or physical location can be costly, especially for start-ups and small businesses that may not feel ready for a long-term financial commitment. At SureStore, our co-working spaces allow for flexibility as your business grows and changes. 

Our rolling monthly memberships means that you won’t need to agree to a fixed term and instead pay and affordable fee each month. This cost includes access to all our facilities, unlimited internet connection, and convenient parking at SureStore. 

When you choose to use our professional co-working space rather than rent an office, you’ll benefit from zero added business rates, utility bills included in the membership and the option to move and adapt your business when needed! 

A Convenient Business Location 

When you use a SureStore co-working space, you’ll benefit from a convenient business location with easy access for clients and collaborators. 

All of our SureStore self-storage facilities and co-working spaces are in practical locations close to the local town centre, motorway networks and train stations. 

You’ll also benefit from registering your business at our co-working space rather than your private home address as public for limited companies this is published on companies house. If you offer your services online, using our central location as your business address can also be an advantage from a digital marketing and SEO perspective. This is because a local address is required to rank on search engine results pages in the area you operate in. 

For example, if you’re an accountant operating in Stafford, then our central SureStore Stafford address could mean your website is at the top of the results page for potential clients searching for ‘Stafford accountant’. 

The Opportunity to Network 

The opportunity to network is another awesome reason for using our co-working space and joining the SureStore business community. 

When you choose to share a productive office space, your business can benefit from being surrounded by other like-minded professionals. The co-working space can allow for collaboration, using each other’s services, as well as sharing advice and experience in a supportive environment. 

Whether you choose to network and collaborate often or not, sharing our co-working spaces can help to avoid a sense of isolation and provide you with the opportunity to socialise, use the fantastic facilities, and work how you like to work! 


Support from the SureStore Team 

As well as joining a network of other co-workers, you’ll also benefit from the support of our friendly and experienced SureStore team. 

Our team are there to lend a helping hand at all times, whether it’s ensuring there are enough biscuits to power to your productivity, assistance with booking meeting rooms, or accepting deliveries and mail on your businesses behalf. 

As self-storage experts, we can also offer you flexible and affordable self-storage units for a wide range of business purposes at the same location as your co-working space. This may be ideal for e-commerce businesses that need a place to keep their stock secure, or even service providers who need to store their tools and equipment and benefit from easy access at a convenient location.  

For more information regarding our co-working spaces at SureStore, please contact our SureStore Stafford team today on 01785 249990 or use our online contact form. We also have plans to establish co-working spaces at our other self-storage locations, including Cannock, Northwich, Lichfield and Burton. 

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